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HVAC marketing, plumbing marketing see case results

As a marketing agency, we work with many industries. Today we are looking at the latest case results for the home improvement marketing of US Home Exteriors. HVAC marketing, plumbing marketing, and many contractors can see these same results in digital marketing, experiential marketing, and traditional marketing. Let’s take a look.

Marketing plan results – a case study for contractors

US Home Exteriors had a comprehensive home improvement marketing campaign, including all aspects of marketing from A to Z. The results were outstanding.

US Home Exteriors employed Devin Sardano (owner of Gaber Marketing) in May 2020 as their Director of Marketing. US Home Exteriors came to Devin without a clear direction and an off-the-cuff marketing approach. Thus, he began from scratch. Without a target audience, Devin built one based on competitor research and their company goals. After, he developed a brand identity and began shaping a solid home improvement marketing strategy. Devin quickly put together a top-notch marketing campaign for short and long-term goals, using multi-tiered marketing steps to succeed.

HVAC marketing, Plumbing marketing

Marketing Campaign

The owner of Gaber Marketing understands that marketing strategy is never to throw it out there and see what works. Devin will tell you that there are always components behind a good marketing plan that make it successful.

A marketing campaign consists of so many components it can seem overwhelming. So, Devin began by speaking with the owner and finding a solid direction for their home improvement marketing effort to take. Through competitor research, he created a narrower target audience to attract a select audience that is more apt to purchase. Then he began implementing each step of their new short and long-term marketing strategy. Piece by piece, Devin raised brand awareness, localized marketing, and built reputation management. Through digital marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, blogging, social media posts, and more, results began to climb. US Home Exteriors, a home improvement contractor, soon started seeing outstanding results from the new advertising direction and are still working to progress through their long-term marketing goals.

Lead Generation

Throughout 2020 – 2021 The Numbers Skyrocketed. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Marketing case result chart

Marketing a New Website

First thing, when US Home Exteriors hired Devin, he began a “home remodeling” for their old company website. The new web design showcased their beautiful work and superior craftsmanship. Monthly blogs and social media marketing efforts further supported the new website design increasing revenue and leads.

As a contractor, much like the HVAC industry, the website had to present trust behind its services and craftsmanship. The new design relies highly on images to relay these concepts to the customer. Pictures convey the beauty and superior craftsmanship supplied by the home improvement company. Website content chose a relaxed, conversational tone of voice to communicate trust and an understanding of the homeowner’s anxiety during reconstruction or remodeling. New customer anxiety is a typical obstacle for the HVAC industry and the plumbing industry alike. Working together, we can address your new customer’s fears.

Gaber Marketing’s new website designs include the best SEO (search engine optimization) practices and most recent search engine algorithms for search engine ranking.

HVAC marketing, plumbing marketing - video marketing

Video helps potential customers see precisely what you can offer them in a short video clip. It helps them gain trust in your product without committing to lengthy research.

Devin made multiple digital commercials for both television and digital marketing campaigns. Commercials help support brand awareness and reach the localized market. US Home Exteriors also wanted to perform reputation management. Video marketing is a solid avenue proven to help reestablish one’s image. TV reaches your local audience and brings you into the homes of potential customers. Videos are also used through digital marketing avenues to advance your target audience further and reintroduce you into the community. Therefore, YouTube videos are hugely valuable for digital marketing to guide a new customer to the next step in the sales funnel.

Social media is about opening up to your community and showing them the people behind the scenes. It’s about getting social and speaking with your community.

US Home Exteriors work in a centralized area, as do most HVAC systems and plumbing contractors. Therefore, the community-building efforts on social media help increase trust within the local community. First, Devin chose which social media channels best fit the industry and company goals. Through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and a consistent blog post schedule, he was able to show US Home Exteriors’ community of followers a new side of the contractors. They now connect with their target audience on a personal level. Keeping their name out in social media helps to extend their company recognition and home improvement brand identity.

HVAC marketing, plumbing marketing - digital marketing

Digital Marketing – Exploring Display Advertising and Search Advertising

The digital advertising world is one you cannot afford to miss any longer. The modern world has gone digital.

US Home Exteriors was not keeping in competition with their competitors digitally, and it cost them greatly. After competitor research, Devin quickly found that US Home Exteriors was losing out due to a lack of digital presence. Hence he began a schedule of digital display advertising. Digital advertising is graphic advertisements on internet websites. With Devin’s marketing assistance US Home Exteriors leaped over their competition with search advertising. Search advertising displays ads in a customer’s search engine query search results. A search advertising PPC ad often brings high ROI for local businesses and contractors due to your service area. Having a specified service area customer base means you need to stay local to reach your target audience. Therefore, advertising for HVAC marketing, plumbers, and other service area contractors is advisable to focus on local service ads and local marketing avenues such as PPC ads and search advertising.

Brand identity – Merchandising for Contractors

From T-shirts and pens to saddlebags for your custom cruiser, merchandising comes in any shape or size. If you’re a local contractor, find your purpose, and get it out there!

Merchandising is a resource that many local business owners overlook. This incredible source comes in any shape and size. It has multiple applications from brand awareness, security, promotion, recognition, and more.

US Home Exteriors wanted shirts and ball caps. Devin produced newly designed T-shirts as a uniform for the salespeople entering homes for consultations and ball caps for drivers and customers. The shirt helps identify the business and takes on a two-prong effect. It lets onlookers know who is doing work in their community and acts as security to the homeowner. This identifier comforts homeowners and neighbors. Using a T-shirt distinguishes the business and eliminates the feeling of a potential lingering threat or fear of letting the wrong person into your home. When working in an industry that goes door to door, you often want to consider how homeowners do not feel comfortable with unfamiliar strangers.

No business owner can afford to have their business mistaken as a potential danger or threat to local homeowners. The HVAC market and plumbers enter people’s homes every day. If your marketing company is not considering what’s on the minds of your local customers, it’s time to restrategize.

HVAC marketing, marketing materials

Potential Client and Print Collateral

If you’re a contractor who enters the potential client’s home, leave something behind when it’s time to go. When you give a packet, it allows the homeowner to look it over and discuss options. Additionally, they have an easy way to get answers and means to contact you. Leaving something behind for them to reach you after making a decision, that’s just good thinking.

In any industry, you need to understand your customer’s needs and concerns to address them better. Knowing US Home Exteriors’ prospective consumers see home renovations as a massive undertaking, we can then understand the need to leave a brochure, flyer, or magazine behind. The same concept works for many contractors. Yet, this knowledge is key to the home improvement industry’s marketing campaign efforts. Thus, Devin began designing multiple print collateral to leave behind. US Home Exteriors now uses numerous print marketing for different stages in the sales funnel. Each one addresses the customer’s needs depending on what decision-making step they’re in. The HVAC industry and plumbing have their own set depending on their industry sales funnel.

Marketing Blogs For Contractors

Setting a routine blog schedule is important for recognition and influence. The search engine algorithms see websites that write blogs as an authority in their field. Thus, missing out on blogging could cost you in search engine ranking.

Additionally, keeping a blog post schedule is vital to boosting credibility as an authority, not just a paid handyman. Gaber Marketing recommends regular blog posting to support contractors in their field and show experience and knowledge. Blog articles range in industry trends, market research, industry standards, as well as company products and services. If your audience sees you as an authority, they’ll come back to read blog articles that interest them. For example, some readers may have no interest in blogs about windows but may love to read about the upcoming exterior home trends and how to make their homes stand out. Contrarily, other customers may want to read up about your products and services and have a need for what you provide. Your blogs should have a decent range within your industry to capture the attention of the correct audience. Therefore, Gaber Marketing continues to write blogs for their clients that cover both consumers’ needs and interests.

HVAC marketing, plumbing marketing success

Can HVAC marketing and plumbing marketing see similar results?

When all is said and done, the numbers do not lie. Sometimes you’ll find it astonishing what hiring a professional can do for your business.

Gaber Marketing makes customized, complex marketing strategies for contractors based on their specific company goals and target audience. HVAC advertising, plumbing marketing, home improvement marketing, and other contractors are welcome to join the Gaber Marketing family of clients. We build marketing in collaboration with your owners. We’ll kick things off with target audience research, lead generation, and local SEO optimization. Your digital marketing campaign begins a new marketing strategy for premier results.

Don’t put off results. HVAC business owners, plumbers, home improvement contractors, call now and get the contractor marketing answers you’ve been looking for. Contact us today if your company is ready for a new marketing campaign or would like to sit down and discuss your digital marketing strategy.

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