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Connect with your audience and share experiences.

Social media is a way to influence people and reach a kinship among them. A good social media agency uses social media to connect with your audience and share experiences, not sell. You’ll naturally open up sales by being fruitful with the connections you’ve made. We’re a social media marketing agency with tested and proven results to accelerate long-term social media growth. Please talk with us about how we can help your social media presence. Establish brand awareness = strengthen relationships = build a future.

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Social platforms are for building relationships.

People want to know how your business is doing and see what is new and happening. Social media is comparable to speaking with friends. You don’t spend all your time selling to a friend. Instead, you share experiences and stories.

The social media platform is a powerful tool in discovering new people. There is never a need to push your product or service on them. It’s a way to meet them where they are and enjoy sharing an experience together. This way, when they need your services, you’re the first person they think of and go to.

At Gaber Marketing, we’re a social media agency that’s about creating content that brings people together. We use a social media strategy to build a community through creative and engaging content. We strive to inspire your audience while increasing your brand awareness.

So many different social media channels.

We’ll work with you to get a deep understanding of your target audience before we start tweeting, snapping, or posting.

Once you’ve established a consistent and strong brand, surely you’ll want to make it stronger by using social media accounts. With so many options, the question becomes which social media account is right for your industry? Discovering which social media account is best suited for you is based on your target audience. We research where online they spend time and what social media channels they’re most engaging in. With this in mind, we can target the correct groups.

Maybe you’re thinking that you’ll create a social media profile on all the social media channels that exist. We’re here to tell you that that’s not how businesses should do social media management. Your target audience is the best interpreter of which social channel will yield the best results for your industry. Your audience chooses social media platforms that best provide the information they’re interested in. Given these points, some find Facebook or LinkedIn helpful, while others are more fitted to Twitter or Instagram.

Content: Facebook uses socially friendly content in all forms (text, graphic, photo, video, and audio.)
Audience: Facebook shows the best results for the sports, fashion, retail, consumer goods, and entertainment industries. Note that it often does not reach a younger audience. The general age for Facebook users is 25 -44.
Target goals: Goals for Facebook include; heighten brand awareness, connect with a target community, and building relations with your target audience.
Content: Instagram uses mainly photo content.
Audience: Instagram shows the best results for the travel, beauty, fashion, and health & fitness industries. Content does very well on mobile devices and receives a relatively young audience, usually under the age of 35.
Target goals: Goals for Instagram include; building a community and lead generation.

Content: Google My Business uses industry data and location.
Audience: Google My Business shows the best results for local businesses.
Target goals: Goals for Google My Business include; #1 benefit – show up on Google Maps searches and show under results for local searches in your industry. Boosts PR with a star rating that appeals to locals. Provides multiple avenues to increase customer engagement (phone, address, website, etc.)

Content: LinkedIn uses business-related content.
Audience: LinkedIn shows the best results for B2B industries, networking, and recruiting.
Target goals: Goals for LinkedIn include; connect with other like-minded businesses, lead generation, developing business associates, and partnering.
Content: Snapchat is for photo and video-based content designed to be fun and quirky in nature.
Audience: Snapchat shows the best results for the entertainment, gaming, and fashion industries. The general audience is younger, under the age of 35.
Target goals: Goals for Snapchat include; connecting to a younger audience, brand awareness, building a community.
Content: TikTok is for short video-based content mainly for entertainment value. The content scope often mimics other trending content. TikTok’s range of content is candid, to-the-point, fun, and humorous.
Audience: TikTok shows the best results for sweets, fast food, consumer goods, and entertainment industries.
Target goals: Goals for TikTok include; increase brand awareness, show brand personality.
Content: Pinterest uses visually appealing photo-friendly content.
Audience: Pinterest shows the best results for home decor, cooking recipes, photography sites, travel, and health & beauty industries.
Target goals: Goals for Pinterest include; lead generation and exhibit brand personality.
Content: Twitter uses highly informational content relevant now, including world news, breaking news, trends, and celebrities. Twitter breaks down frequent high content into fun bite-size information.
Audience: Twitter shows the best results for news, personal stories, and celebrities.
Target goals: Goals for Twitter include; increased engagement, increase followers, and drive traffic. Twitter is not often used for sales.
Content: YouTube is a highly video-based platform that contains longer video content than other social media platforms.
Audience: YouTube shows the best results for educational videos, How-To videos, and tutorials in academic, industrial, and B2B industries.
Target goals: Goals for YouTube include; drive traffic to the website and increase conversion rates with supporting videos. Create supporting videos to back up your blogs, introduce products, and improve product descriptions with visual representation. Use video as a personal mini press release or a how-to tutorial..

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing targets specific groups through social channels to promote your brand and build an online community presence. Invest in your social community, and they, in turn, invest themself in you.

Social media marketing is using social platforms to promote your product or service. When we think about marketing in the social media realm, we often picture our social media advertising, and ad spend. Your social media marketing agency uses your ad spend for both social media ad placement and boosting paid social posts to increase the reach. Social media advertising is applied primarily for brand awareness and branding. Yet, there is a small portion always reserved for direct promotions and sales. A social media expert helps you find the correct balance among your social media advertising campaign.

What are social media ads?

A social media ad is separate from a post in the fact that it is an advertisement that runs on social media channels. However, people don’t read ads. Instead, they read what intrigues or entertains them. So, accordingly, we make ads for the ordinary person.

Ads can run in the social feed or a separate window. Two things that make social media ads beneficial are their analytical tracking and targeting. First, the analytical data helps the social media agency realign your budget and continue maneuvering and changing based on the results. This tactic keeps you on top and makes sure you get the best possible ROI. At the same time, targeting all of a sudden links you to the correct target audience when they are already actively online.

Some of the most common paid social media ad platforms are Google ads, Facebook ads, and LinkedIn ads. Yet, most all social platforms have their own paid social media ad options available for business accounts. A business’s social strategy should include some form of ad spend for paid social advertising.

social media design

Let a social media expert tweak your approach.

Ultimately, the best social media marketing is marketing that reaches your target audience on their chosen platforms with the right messages and at the right time. Also, one must do this in a way that is informative and non-evasive.

Suppose you already have a social media presence. In that case, we can evaluate and expand on your initial efforts. We also can completely re-evaluate your approach to create a more targeted social media marketing strategy. We’ll provide a more comprehensive approach to gain impact so that your overall digital marketing plan is as effective as possible.

Tracking and optimizing your social media marketing allows you to expand your reach, make adjustments where necessary, and continue to dominate the ever-growing social media landscape. It’s essential to be with your potential customers today as well as where they might be tomorrow.

Custom-tailored social media strategy.

Our social media agency identifies your goals. No custom plan is like the one before. With Gaber Marketing, you begin with a program that is designed specifically for you and end with victory.

We perform competitor analysis, set a brand strategy, and review your target audience’s online behaviors. After the data is collected, we’ll develop a custom plan tailored to your business using the analytical data. A customized social media management plan includes; monitoring post content, reactions & engagement, viewing search traffic, updating SEO, and improving brand loyalty and brand awareness. Simultaneously, your social media expert bases content creation on your tone of voice and brand identity. Therefore your goals and brand are constantly kept in mind when developing social media content to build your social community with the correct target audience.

Building a new social media profile can be for a new company that has not had time to investigate social media. However, it can also be for a seasoned company that wants to branch out and try a new social media platform.

Your content creation must hold boldly to your brand strategy to increase brand awareness. Using this approach means saturating the social media market with who you are. Your posts will have the personality that makes up your unique identity.

To increase your following is simply building your community of followers. This method often involves interesting new content and exploring new avenues that yield a larger community and a more significant social media presence.

Increasing traffic to your website can come from building a more prominent social media presence but often includes concentrating on paid social advertising and ads.

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses endorsements and recommendations to increase your social presence. Product mentions from influencers help boost your social media profile. Influencers are viewed as experts within their field and take a long time to achieve.

Short videos on social media are becoming very popular. Research has shown that short videos are more likely to be “shared’, and ‘liked’ than a written post. Including video in your post calendar can be a complex undertaking. Don’t worry. We’ll begin gradually.

Drink and think

Sit down with your marketer for a cup of coffee. We’ll teach you stuff.

Through innovation, Gaber Marketing Studios makes the amazingly complicated world of marketing fun and exciting. Now is the time when we invite you to come sit down with us and have a hot cup of joe. All great partnerships start over a cup of coffee and some great ideas being tossed back and forth. We’d love to meet, and we can always do with a refill. Schedule coffee time with us.