Print Design

We create beauty with purpose by placing your passion on the printed page.

Our results-driven formulation for creative print design is equal parts arts and science. The message you are trying to relay must have a strategy for getting the audience’s attention and retaining the information you supply. For this reason, your message must be as strong as the art.

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Kissing someone in the dark.

Placing beauty in front of an audience without a driven message is like kissing someone in the dark. It may be nice, but you’ve no idea what you’re getting.

Print media, newspapers, magazines, print ads, brochures, flyers, and more; all of these printed marketing materials are crucial to successful marketing. Companies of all sizes and industries use print design marketing every day. But, do you know what promotional materials are right to get your message to your target audiences? Talented marketing is more than creating a suite of printed materials and distributing them. There’s a science to creating a message that your primary market is likely to read and respond to. You need a marketing firm that understands this delicate balance at length.

Creativity transforms brand concepts into a visual reality.

Great design is the product of a highly intelligent idea created on paper.

We create eye-catching designs that initiate a response from your audience. Gaber Marketing Studios uses this double-sided philosophy to combat both sides of the issue. First, we use a solutions-driven approach to all of our projects. Meanwhile, your audience and their needs are principal in any printed materials we create. By diving into your target audiences’ wants and needs, we can understand what works for them. Therefore, we can design and develop printed materials that work for your target audience to drive highly effective results.

Print design - print collateral

What is print design?

We build something unique. The print design combined with your brand identity and the brand story makes a good design become something extraordinary. Print design is a flyer, logo design, poster, magazine, or any other ink on paper. Fantastic print design is how we bring your brand to life through print design with a concept and story.

Print design is art on tangible formats that are not digital formats. Marketing in print design includes an array of various physical surfaces for all printed materials, from magazines and billboards to T-shirts and merchandising. Print media for marketing is the visual communication carried to the audience through all printed formats, not digital platforms. In comparison, graphic design uses all forms to convey a message. Print design specializes in the published print materials.

Is print design still prevalent in today’s digital world?

Take one glance around you to see the answer is undoubtedly, yes! Print design surrounds us everywhere.

For example, print design is on the coaster in our coffee shop, in the signs hanging on every door, in every mailer, and every billboard we passed on our way to work. Print design is also in every waiting room magazine, on every logo and paper we receive at work. It is even in every business card we picked up from our clients. Print design is in marketing materials all around us. You likely even have a water bottle with a print design. We are so saturated by print design you possibly don’t even realize it any longer. There are designers you may even be following on social media. So, how do you get your designs noticed among all that currently surround us? Gaber Marketing uses strategies that connect to a person’s emotions. If you can strike an emotional response, then you’ve captivated your target audience.

Print design that’s keeping up with today’s technology.

Print media is evolving fast alongside the digital age of technology.

Succeeding in print design includes keeping updated in a wide range of design software and understanding the complexities of multiple design principles. Consequently, clients need a comprehensive marketing campaign that combines both print and digital marketing avenues. Our seasoned professional graphic designers stay updated on all new concepts, technology, and trends for prime advertising results in both print and digital design media.

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print typography

Typography and the design process.

When people think of print design, they often think of the graphic design pieces that go along with the words on a page.

Typography is the design element for how to set the text on the page for visual stimulation and the best reading layout. Yup, there’s a science to this too, and it’s hard work. For example, the word layout on a poster is far different from the newspaper’s structure or a brochure. Each medium has its own visual points and highlights.

Every brand identity uses typography to visually inspire the reader to retain the information you’re providing them. Also, there are word layouts and fonts for each medium that encourage your viewers to see what is essential to get your message across. By using these philosophies, we increase readability and retainability, which improves your company’s identity recognition.

Caring is sharing.

Before we even begin you’re assigned a graphic designer and a brand strategist. We’re starting out strong, so we know what we want to say, who we want to say it to, and how to make it all very pretty.

From kick-off to final production, the graphic designer and brand strategist assigned to your project help you develop printed materials to meet your target audience’s needs and represent your company’s brand identity. We focus on inspiration and genuine creativity while never forgetting the client and their marketing goals. Our designers take your company goals and search out new potential customers that are more likely to interact and convert to sales. We especially understand that our client always has their customers to think of. Since a marketing strategy should always be forward-thinking, Gaber Marketing Studios creators are constantly forward-thinking for the future.

These mediums reach audiences ready for lengthy content. Your audience is prepared to read and learn about the product or service you provide.

Logo design and letterhead are two graphic design elements for consistent branding that inspire company recognition. They use no or very minimal text to support the desired effect.

From traditional to modern design, business cards are a piece of easy handheld marketing. For centuries, they have provided your contact information to both a potential customer and current clients. This form of print marketing most people don’t shy away from. For instance, consider if you hand someone a flyer. Without purpose, it’s reasonable to believe it got tossed in the trash. But, give them a business card, and it’s likely to get put in their pocket or, better yet, set inside a desk drawer for later use.
As one of the physically larger print designs, a poster focuses highly on image and color to grasp the audience’s attention. It perhaps has more words than some advertising. Still, it must convey the meaning rather quickly and with minimalistic text. In other words, the text likely will focus on what, where, and when.
A seemingly happy medium between word count and image content are flyers, mailers, and brochures. For instance, a high quality flyer, direct mail mailer, or brochure can effectively grasp the attention of your audience. All in all, these advertising methods focus on a specific purpose or response from your customer. Further, because of their smaller size, mailing and distribution are more convenient and affordable.
A banner often signifies an event or represents a store opening or a new product. Banners may have both images and words but are used to “flag” your company or product. That is to say, it’s kind of like waving to your customer. Your banner is saying, Hi. I’m over here. Look this way.
A billboard’s primary purpose is to disperse information in the time it takes to drive by. Mere seconds is all you get. A driver’s attention must be on the road. Therefore, your information centralizes around one eye-catching image and extremely minimalistic wording. Additionally, your design must consider font size for the height and speed at which the driver will be moving. For the most part, this is a strict case of, speed up your message, or you won’t be heard.
Merchandising comes in virtually any form of promotional product, such as T-shirts, mugs, pens, teddy bears – you name it! We use marketing merchandise to increase the sale of your product or build your customer base. Having marketing merchandise keeps your company in the public eye in a way that is not, strictly speaking, marketing. For instance, a T-shirt with your logo may not be for sale to the general public. Still, it lets everyone around know who and what others are supporting or enjoying. We often sport brands we connect with and don’t mind supporting their company brand.

Packaging design is what goes into the style and makeup of the exterior package that holds or contains your product. Many elements go into a packaging design that is often cumbersome for a business owner to consider.

Our badass portfolio

Our portfolio of print design work demonstrates our diverse client base as well as vast artistic ability. We proudly showcase some of our finest creative moments. Peek inside. Judge for yourself.

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