A Graphic Designer heightens brand awareness.

Design is art with purpose.

At Gaber Marketing Studios, we firmly believe and operate with a solutions-driven approach to all of our projects. Your graphic designer is certainly no exception. People often cannot define what makes up great art, but we undoubtedly know it when we see it.

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graphic designer - visual design

Always create something they won’t forget.

Our philosophy to visual design is to be visually inspiring.

We use a psychology-focused approach that reaches audiences on a whole new level as never before. This approach enables us to design graphics that are beautifully eye-catching and equally effective at communicating your ideas to your target audience. The design does not come before the message; the design enhances the message so it may be heard. As a graphic designer, first, we must understand that the design and the message go hand and hand. There is a delicate precision where they emphatically balance.

Expert design skills in action.

As an experienced creative director of marketing, our lead designer stays updated on design software, color theory, graphic design concepts, visual concepts, typography, marketing material design theories, and design trends.

Whether we’re designing a piece of printed marketing material, a website design, advertisements, or video components – every graphic design project is an experience. We make all parts independent, efficient, beautiful, and brilliant. We stay on top of new technology so our creative juices are always flowing and developing. More importantly, new technology allows us to do more for our clients.

Often the most thought of when people talk about a graphic designer is print design. Print design is the tangible form of art for print. The practice of marketing in printed materials as opposed to digital formats. Print design includes an array of physical surfaces for all printed materials, from magazines and billboards to T-shirts and merchandising. Print design is the visual communication that conveys information to the audience through all formats that are not digital platforms. A seasoned professional graphic artist such as ours stays updated on all new concepts, technology, and trends for prime advertising results.

Brand identity is design concepts that repeat throughout all marketing media to identify your company with the look and feel you wish to spark within your customers. We think of it as your visual mission statement. It’s how you want to portray your ideal image to your audience. Your brand identity lets them know exactly what personality your company represents in itself, therefore connecting them with what they’re looking for in a company or product.

A logo design is a picture used to symbolize your company. The logo is a graphic, symbol, or typeface used in recognizing the company, often without utilizing a namesake. The meaning behind a logo is to enforce your brand identity and recognition value. We use the logo design in all marketing efforts to saturate the image, making it synonymous with your name. This way, it will extract a customer’s memory recall, separating your business from others in your industry. In other words, it’s your visual identity.

Packaging design is the forward concept of enclosing and protecting a product inside a container that’s suitable for shipping as well as being enticing to the consumer. That’s a lot to think about. A graphic designer incorporates many elements into the package design. They must consider the package material cost, sizing, layout, images, colors, typography, and the competition. The designer creates a protective and eye-catching package that stands out on the shelves while maintaining budgetary cost. Packaging design is an art form of its own.

Web design and digital marketing encompasses many different design disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. A web page’s design element is how to incorporate graphic design into a usable interface without compromising optimal user experience. Web page design cannot be singularly a beautiful picture on the internet with words. To design a useful website, we must think of it as an interactive experience sitting among a beautiful layout. Learn more information on all Gaber Marketing Studios puts into their digital marketing, including SEO, user interaction, responsive design, and more.

The mobile design incorporates all of the same web design concepts into the interactive experience on mobile devices. Understanding responsive design is a must in today’s advanced world because most people view websites from their mobile devices. If it isn’t functioning properly and still maintaining design concepts on mobile accessories, you’re losing your audience quickly. Mobile graphic designing holds all the main traditions and ideas to the mobile environment.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is defined by Wikipedia as the art, profession, and academic discipline whose activity consists in projecting visual communications intended to transmit specific messages to social groups with specific objectives. To clarify, graphic design is the visual design elements of your marketing campaign. In other words, it’s the art behind the message of your marketing campaign. Be it visually detailed, intense, or super simple, you want to influence your audience to a specific response. Graphic design helps your audience react to get the desired response.

For example, logo design uses memory recall to have your audience recognize your company apart from others at a moment’s glance. You want your audience to identify your company separately from others quickly. Your logo is a graphic design that helps the public react to that desired response.

What does a graphic designer do?

Marketing graphic designers create the visual layout of your marketing piece.

A graphic designer uses raw artistic ability combined with computer software and visual concepts to create and produce a layout for each project. The format has design elements that both clearly communicate your ideas and captivate the consumers.

Beautiful graphic art stops people to look. Exquisite visual art not only stops them but inspires their response. A talented designer understands the intricate and minute differences between applications and mediums. No two mediums are identical or can be treated as such. For visual communication, each different design element – advertisement, brochure, magazine, reports, video, logo design, commercial, etc.- all have defined visual elements that must be maintained to best meet the customers’ viewing needs. A talented graphic designer understands that you need more than just a beautiful picture to inspire your audience. Your designer uses design concepts specific to each medium to make a successful design project come to fruition. We aspire for inspiration, not just visualization. Bring your next project to life.

Our badass portfolio

Our portfolio of graphic design work demonstrates our diverse client base as well as vast artistic ability. We’re proud to showcase some of our finest creative moments. Peek inside. Judge our work for yourself.

The Digital Marketing Portfolio
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