Video Marketing

Video is ‘King’ in the advertising world.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video has the ability to tell the whole story. Video marketing captures everything around it. Video captures emotional content, visual representation, audio elements including music, and tells a complete story. The secret behind building video content that yields results are purposeful content in the right place.

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Video content marketing comes in all forms and spreads through all media avenues for viewing.

Digital video marketing is skyrocketing with YouTube, social media, online video, and more.

At Gaber Marketing Studios, while we have a passion for developing eye-catching and entertaining videos, we create video content engaging for your target audience. We find how best to convey your key message to the right people for the highest results.

We believe what makes our video marketing services different is how we get to know your audience on a psychological level before conceiving a storyboard. It’s all about the research. We make certain that we align with your company goals and brand in order to create an approach that is a perfect blend of your message and your audience’s needs.

What does a video marketing launch include?

Once we do our research and know your audience like the back of our hand, then we work alongside you to storyboard out concepts.

After that, we’ll determine the style and theme of the videos, always keeping in mind to maintain your brand and reach the target audience. Following that, we develop video scripts for spokespeople or voice-overs. Next, we begin video creation. Then, after production comes editing, of course.

Video content is both exciting and overwhelming. Don’t worry; we’ll be with you every step of the video marketing process. We diligently work with you through the video marketing process to create a finished product you’ll love. So, whether it’s a social video such as youtube, an educational vlog, tutorial, or video ad, we stand behind you all the way.

Video marketing strategy for videos we make.

Video marketing comes with both short-term or long-term goals. Short-term video strategies support a brand launch, product launch, or featured products and services. In comparison, long-term plans support growth-driving goals. Digital marketing for business long-term includes brand development, brand awareness, and building a faithful audience. To this end, we have the experience and expertise you need to be successful with long and short-term video marketing.

How effective are video ads?

Video marketing statistics show that internet users are more apt to share or like a video. Hence, adding a video ad to a product description increases the sales conversion rate. Marketing videos help potential customers make an informed decision by providing a greater understanding of the product or service. Additionally, mobile users are more apt to watch a video through to the end. Also, most viewing nowadays happens on mobile devices. So, if you’re not taking advantage of video ads in your marketing campaign, you can bet that your competitors are.

Video is excellent for SEO.

Search engines love video, and it’s a great form of informational marketing. Search engine algorithms place a higher priority on video for SEO ranking. When using video, search engine algorithms see video clips as relevant material. Consequently, your company is considered an influencer, and your ranking gets boosted.

Consider improving your SEO with some video content. You may try distributing social media video content, posting vlogs among your current blogs, and embedding them into your existing website as ways to incorporate video content into your marketing strategy. When properly implemented, these tools help increase your SEO standing. Meanwhile, adding video is a fabulous way to increase the likelihood that your target audience sees you stand out.

Why video?

The concept is that video holds the audience’s attention while also delivering your message in easily digestible pieces. Video has the unique ability to engage the user on multiple levels using audio, visual, and emotional content to reach the audience. Additionally, short videos, videos under 3 minutes, and video clips under 30 seconds are more apt to be watched through to the end. Data from social media shows that short videos get more activity, for instance. Yet, the longer video is superb for informational purposes. Therefore, longer video works well for B2B sales, educational tutorials, vlogs, and YouTube channel videos as how-to or instructional pieces. In comparison, short videos work best for social media, brand awareness, and building your online community. There are many other ways to engage the viewer with video.

Television commercials are outbound marketing best used for brand awareness. With a broad reach, they keep you in the public’s eye. TV commercials with this intention ultimately help the audience get a feeling for your company’s character, goals, and overall brand. Consequently, commercials are best to represent the personality you wish your company to portray.
Vlogs, aka video blogs, are short social video posts on the internet. These social media marketing tools are best for informational purposes. Vlogs basically are used to talk about a particular topic or to review a product or an event. They’re best when updated frequently and work well coexisting with other forms of media. It’s ideal to use vlogs on a youtube channel or a website among the news and blog articles.

Tutorial video content provides video instructions for teaching a process or walking through steps to complete a task. The two most popular channels for video tutorials are youtube and Instagram stories. Most social channels incorporate tutorials in industries based highly on providing information or educating the readers.

Product video and demos certainly help a potential customer continue down the sales funnel. Demos and reviews by all means provide additional information that is valuable in the decision-making process. This tactic works exceptionally well for B2B sales and in conjunction with a product description for B2C online sales. This practice influences the customer by giving them additional faith in your product or service. You’ll see demos most frequently on a website or a landing page.
Video testimonials are a versatile advertising technique in the event that they’re used at the top of the sales funnel to generate brand awareness and interest in your product or service. By the same token, they’re also used at the bottom of the sales funnel to help convince customers and convert leads into sales. Video testimonials populate social media, websites, and sales pages.
Display ads are graphic advertising placed on websites, apps, or social media in the form of banner ads, interactive advertisements, and interstitial ads. Video display ads frequently use flash videos, video clips, and animated videos. The primary purpose of display advertising is to attract the audience to take a specific action. This marketing tactic sees the highest conversion rate and ROI arranged throughout websites and social media platforms.
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