Brand Identity

Truth becomes what everyone believes.

Brand identity is the perception you want the audience to view you as. The brand personality is what you want people to walk away feeling and remembering after they go.Your brand is the narrative your customers gathered from what they see and feel around them. Surround them with the story you want to tell, not the product or company.

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Don’t be afraid to be different, be afraid to be the same.

This is your story. Your brand story is how your company stands out among all the competition. It’s what you want your customers to know about you and why you’re better. Be bold, be honest, and be true!

We reveal your hallmark. Branding is about making an emotional connection to your target audience. The goal of your brand identity is striking that emotional chord with your audience that helps them choose you because they feel a connection through your brand story. Whatever your brand personality is, it must be authentic and powerful. The customer needs to feel they’re part of that precise brand story or that they want to be a part of that story.

Having a strong brand identity makes your product more memorable. A loyal brand following succeeds brand recognition. The customers come to see you as authoritative and valued in the industry. Your brand value developed trust among your customers. Congratulations, you now earned brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is when customers respect and trust your brand above competitors because of the name and brand identity you’ve built over time. Nike, Coca-cola, and Nestle are some prominent examples of brand loyalty.

Visual language, creating a design that speaks.

The visible design elements of your brand image all support your brand story. For instance, images, logos, color palette, typography, and other design elements are the supporting characters in your brand story. A professional graphic designer understands these supporting roles and makes sure they fit the brand identity values you wish to portray to the audience.

Contrarily, the brand image is the final result inside the customer’s mind. Therefore, your designer works diligently on brand management to make certain that all branding efforts correlate perfectly in the customer’s mind with the message you’re attempting to put out.

Building strong brand awareness.

Brand awareness is making the public aware of the brand personality you’ve chosen. How to represent your brand identity to the public is your marketing company’s primary purpose.

Through carefully defining your brand purpose, we develop a specific tone of voice that exhibits your core value. Then we attach a visual identity that equally represents your personality and values. Your marketing must use this brand strategy consistently throughout all marketing materials so that the customer can trust and be confident that you hold to your brand identity.

A strong brand identity becomes your brand promise. We use this phrase because a company’s pledge lets the customer know that you’ll meet their expectations with your product or service. You as a company promise them that what you represent yourself as is true and faithful. In short, you’re letting them know that you’ll come through on what you’re portraying in your brand, guaranteed. This unspoken agreement makes potential customers confident and happy. Pleased potential customers easily convert to new sales in return.

Brand Identity is the brand personality you present to the world and your level of brand recognition. Brand Identity incorporates visual identity, design, colors, brand voice, font type, even music. It’s everything put together to help establish what you want to bring to the people and how you want it presented.

We establish the target audience through rigorous analytical data and competitor research. Your message gets out to the ideal viewers, those most likely to convert to sales through target audience research.

Brand image is the current perception the people hold about your company. So, when we speak about the brand image as a core element to a successful brand, we’re usually thinking along PR lines. Does your brand image need some sprucing up, or possibly even a complete overhaul? If public relations are favorable, a brand strategist keeps that momentum rolling.

Successful marketing can not stress the importance of a brand voice enough. Brand voice is the tone and personality throughout all your marketing copy, social media, and selling materials. Keeping to a specific brand voice will help a customer to trust the brand commitment.

A slogan is a short statement that quickly relays your brand commitment. Slogans and taglines state the brand position speedily and memorably. For example, “Bounty – the quicker picker-upper” easily and lastingly says precisely what the company promises it will do. In one short statement, they let you know Bounty will satisfactorily resolve your problem.

A logo is an easily recognizable visual that becomes the face of your business. Your brand logo is a key piece for brand recognition. The brand’s visual identity speaks to what you resolve. It is easily distinguishable and often unforgettable. A logo is a way to have your company’s name and brand known through a singular symbol or image.

The brand identity design elements all support the brand identity and the company values. Brand design goes into every marketing piece, web page, and promotional materials. Design elements are the pieces that come together to give you your specific visual identity. A creative design presents a powerful way to stand out from the competition.

Create a color palette from the theme and values you’re attempting to portray. Different color palettes touch people psychologically in different ways. Reds and oranges psychologically make people feel anxious, for example. They speed up your brain. For this reason, you often see reds and oranges in the fast-food industry. The fast-food entrepreneurs chose those colors because they want you to feel speed up psychologically. They’re subconsciously reminding you that they get you in and out fast. They’re connecting with you on another level. The result is, you feel their promise at every step of the experience.

Sometimes a color theme becomes so integrated into your brand identity that it’s easily identified as your specific brand color. For instance, we know the daily delivery from UPS will come in on a brown truck. We recognize that truck among all other delivery services because their brown trucks and brown uniforms are now a significant part of their branding.

A design element that sometimes gets overlooked is typography. Yet, typography speaks volumes in the customer’s mind. Typography is the art of arranging type in an appealing format for display and readability. Typography requires an understanding of what typefaces help your branding, plus what size to use for your medium. Then the designer lays the text in a visually stimulating pattern. In a way, it’s like making your words into art.
Brand loyalty is the dedication a customer has to your company once you’ve established a lasting brand identity with them. It is what keeps them coming back for more over the competition. It’s when the customer trusts you above trying others. We build on brand loyalty for a firm customer base. Loyal customers ensure longevity.

A brand style guide.

Coffee comes in all flavors. Let’s see what flavor you are.

How to get started. Branding is essential to your company. It must draw people in and portray what you value. At Gaber Marketing Studios, we create a brand experience that adapts, thrives, and progresses as quickly as you. We work with you to explore, strategize, and make the brand strategy that people trust with a brand identity you’re proud of.

Ask yourself these few questions.

  • What makes your company awesome?

  • What do you stand for?

  • Who are you targeting?

  • Why should they care?

  • What do you do that none of your competitors do?

Are you struggling to answer those questions? Not happy with some of your responses? Gaber Marketing Studios is well seasoned in providing branding solutions for companies of all sizes and industries.

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Our unique branding approach.

We do it better because we use a unique combination of customer psychological and design theory. Our brand guidelines don’t come from a book. They come from careful customized research about your company and your target audience. We design a brand as perfectly unique as you are.

“We’re proud to have developed branding concepts for businesses that have become hugely successful.”

Drink and think

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Through innovation, Gaber Marketing Studios makes the amazingly complicated world of marketing fun and exciting. Now is the time when we invite you to come sit down with us and have a hot cup of joe. All great partnerships start over a cup of coffee and some great ideas being tossed back and forth. We’d love to meet, and we can always do with a refill. Schedule coffee time with us.