What is Digital Marketing?

People are on technology. We meet them there.

Digital marketing is the new wave of how to connect to current and prospective customers. These marketing efforts use every digital channel that technology and social media afford customers. Digital marketing can be both B2B and B2C in nature. Marketers use the digital platform to build brand awareness and lead generation, among other strategy-building techniques.

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The right message at the right time in the correct format is a comprehensive advertising strategy.

We realize that marketing has to hit people where they are. Long ago, that meant magazines and TV. Nowadays, it means mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

How is anyone ever going to find your business if you aren’t actively getting the word out? Marketers work hard to develop strategies that reach people where they are currently viewing. Right now, that is online. Digital marketing uses effective well-thought advertising strategy to get a new target audience who are familiar with technology.

Even if you’re not a technology Wiz-kid, there is no doubt that the world has changed over the past few decades. It is important to realize your audience wants and needs to see you, which means reaching them online.

Knowing the digital platform we use works.

We know our digital marketing strategy works for your target audience through data analysis and user experience testing.

We verify our digital marketing approach every step of the process with proven data to stay competitive and provide our clients the best returns. Every digital marketing effort goes through data analysis testing and utilizes the latest conversion rate optimization and user experience theories.

Furthermore, Gaber Marketing provides a full-service strategy that combines digital marketing efforts with traditional marketing services for greater return on investment(ROI). While digital marketing tactics track ROI dollars more easily, an integrated approach always reaches further. We strive to heighten your marketing campaign for the long-term goal.

Digital marketing tactics are easier on the budget.

One of the most incredible things about a digital marketing campaign is that it caters to your budget. Marketers find new and experimental ways to stretch the dollar with a digital platform that traditional marketing often cannot accommodate.

Meanwhile, this allows us to do more with your marketing budget. Additionally, analytics allow Gaber Marketing Studios to track and reorganize the budget account if the anticipated ROI is not showing profits. In this way, digital marketing subsequently gives you more control over your advertising allowance.

Who is your marketing audience?

B2B Digital Marketing

A business-to-business (B2B) digital strategy is likely to focus around online lead generation. For that reason, your marketing strategy must attract the highest quality leads that are likely to convert to sales. High-quality leads are far more important than a high quantity of leads. Under those circumstances, your digital content and brand are crucial.

Regarding social media, we will likely focus on business channels like LinkedIn and Google my business since these social media channels hold a more entrepreneurial atmosphere. Additionally, we find your select demographic for the best possible conversion rate and continue to tweak the results.

B2C Digital Marketing

Conversely, a business-to-consumer (B2C) digital strategy focuses on your web design and web presence. An eCommerce website’s goal is to convert sales right there on the website. Customer’s through a virtual shopping cart can purchase items without having to leave the site. In this case, we focus on high call-to-action features and customer response.

In the business-to-customer (B2C) environment, the buyer’s experience is a massive part of their purchasing decision. The potential customer needs to encounter a feeling of trust to buy from you. Your brand identity and social media campaign help them connect to you and provide the experience they require. Consequently, these good feelings convert to sales. B2C companies often use social media channels that provide a more personal encounter like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Why is digital marketing important?

Digital marketing aims to reach a narrower target audience on a vast array of digital channels. Online marketing is so important for your business to keep its footing against the competition. Technology is continuing to increase exponentially, and for that reason, your digital marketing plan has to keep up.

On one hand, search engine platforms are getting smarter. While on the other hand, SEO is becoming more and more involved. The social media platform, meanwhile, is growing continually. We understand that you need to run your business. So, let us run the marketing strategy. After all, you’re good at what you do, and we’re good at what we do. Gaber Marketing knows digital advertising; you can count on us.

Most of us are familiar with email marketing efforts. On the whole, an email marketing campaign sends a set of emails for a specific time frame to elicit a particular response or purpose. Gaber Marketing uses multiple dynamic content elements and the best visual typography to hold the audience’s attention and eventually produce the desired response.
Marketers often use video to relay a quick message to the audience. Short online videos are more likely to be shared or liked than text elements. So, if your product or service is involved in its core, then a video can make it easily digestible. Creative video touches the audience and makes an impact on them. Whether it’s a commercial, online video, or video clip, we combine market research with creativity to make a successful video marketing campaign.

Blogs are digital content in the written form, whereas vlogs are digital content in video form. Blogs and vlogs are digital marketing tools that significantly increase your SEO standings. Search engines see blogs/vlogs as valid online content because they talk about a singular distinct topic. Thus, they are worthy inbound marketing to employ in almost all digital marketing efforts.

A social media presence is how your company posts and engages on all digital avenues and social accounts. B2B and B2C often profit from different social media avenues. Your marketing consultant will advise on which social media accounts are best to concentrate your efforts and why. Social media marketing is about two-way communication with your hard-earned audience and building a brand presence your target audience relates to.

Our digital marketing uses search engine optimization. Best SEO content ensures that your new website is found on the web by people looking for industries like yours. For this reason, a search engine validates through the proper use of keywords that your content is relevant and places you high on the search engine lists. With Gaber Marketing Studios, you get professional SEO services that shows top SEO results. No longer take a back seat to your competition. Get professional digital marketing that moves you forward in the rankings.

We combine imagination and science to build beautifully creative web design based on user psychology. Innovative design and creativity go hand and hand with the user experience and fundamental user concepts for best usability. Hence with this intention, all websites by Gaber Marketing include responsive website design for mobile users. Responsive web design automatically conforms to the user’s screen dimensions and does not interrupt or compromise the user experience.

Podcasts are a streaming audio series of audio files on a specific topic geared toward an appropriate target audience. This series often keeps the customer informed and returning to your podcast for additional information on the chosen material. Podcasts are an excellent resource for topics that require substantial instruction or learning within your industry.

Testimonials are precisely that; they’re a customer’s or client’s testimony as to your company’s product or service. Positive testimonials undoubtedly go a long way to helping a potential customer trust and convert to a new customer. Testimonials are the digital-age word-of-mouth recommendation, and word of mouth is undeniably a powerful form of advertising.

Display advertising is digital ads placed on third-party websites relevant to your company’s industry or brand. As a digital paid ad, they come in multiple formats, including static, interactive, video, and more. The strategy behind display advertising is to increase your reach among web users who have a common connection to your product or service. Display advertising, by and large, helps to convert potential customers as well as veer them away from your competitors.

The second type of paid ad in digital marketing is the PPC ad. A PPC campaign reaches your customers when they are most likely to convert. It does this by displaying a PPC ad on all the websites that your customer visits directly after visiting your site. If they click on your ad and return to your site, you’ll pay. Hence, the “pay-per-click” terminology. A pay-per-click strategy is a lower marketing funnel tactic proven to have massive ROI(returns on investment) in a digital marketing campaign. Using data on your target audience, we discover your best ad placements. Pay-per-click advertising is measured by analytics and refinable in the moment so that your campaigns are continuing to optimize and operate at max efficiency.

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