2022 Marketing Trends: See what it will take to get your business noticed in 2022!

2022 marketing trends

Marketing is all about getting seen. What are the latest trends and strategies to boost you over the digital white noise of 2022? Let’s take a look at what 2022 marketing trends are forecasting and why.

2022 marketing trends - email

Personalized emails in email marketing.

Personalized email marketing is anticipated to be prominent in 2022 marketing trends because of its versatility. For these reasons, marketers believe that it’s an up-sweeping marketing trend.

Using the method of personalization separates the email marketing effort aside from its counterparts. Personalization has a proven track record of having better results.

An enormous reliance on brand awareness.

Branding has been integral to business success for years. In 2022, representing your specific brand’s value proposition is likely to play a more significant role now that discounts appear to be losing preference. More and more businesses favor branding strategies over deals due to their sustainability. Allowing your brand to showcase your unique selling points draws in a loyal target market who are willing to pay for the products they like instead of searching out discounts. This concept is not to say that discounts don’t have added value. Each marketing tactic plays a role. Yet, in 2022 marketing trends lean toward a heavy reliance on branding over discounts.

2022 Marketing Trends - memberships

The marketing trend of paid memberships.

Loyalty points are becoming a thing of the past. People are searching out community and connections.

People like getting things for free – but membership allows the feeling of community and gives the members exclusive benefits that they are actually looking for. The most remarkable example of this is Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime offers an exclusive membership that loyal customers pay to be a part of. Customers don’t mind paying membership fees because they continue to get benefits they see as valuable, such as free shipping. Memberships solidify customer loyalty because the company provides the advantage the consumer sought out and paid for. In this case, both parties win. Contrary to useless loyalty points that most members ignore, and marketers lose money promoting.

Content that supports user privacy rights.

Internet users are becoming more aware of privacy rights. Directly behind them, more companies recognize their concerns and act accordingly to protect customer rights and allow options for the user to select their level of privacy. Following this social concern, 2022 digital marketing trends will focus heavily on retrieving first-party data. Marketers likely shall convert to strategies that reach audiences in a way they feel comfortable and in control of their sharing data.

2022 marketing trends - video

Video marketing trends.

Video content is continuing to grow. The video medium has always been a giant in the advertising world. Video content reaches people on multiple sensory levels. Because of this, video marketing reaches the audience on a deeper level and remains more memorable.

Social media platforms introduce more avenues to apply video for their users’ entertainment. Such avenues as live video and virtual events bring video marketing to the forefront. Many social media platforms now use video stories with top visibility on user pages. For example, Instagram has Instagram live as well as an Instagram story position to the social media user’s page. Additionally, streaming TV is surging now more than ever. Therefore it’s reasonable to consider that 2022 digital marketing strategy will incorporate further video tactics. We’re sure clever marketers are devising innovative ideas around using video to engage customers and drive revenue.

Digital marketing and voice assistance.

Artificial intelligence helps users daily find businesses just like yours. Google, Seri, and Alexa provide digital customer service with the business information they need in only a few words. Get your business location on google maps and connect your business to voice search assistants like Google voice, Seri, and Alexa. A company optimizing for voice search should start with the general business information like address, phone number, and business hours. If you offer shipping, artificial intelligence helps the buyer stay connected to your delivery time and updates. Text updates are also useful and often appreciated by customers when used to assist, not market sales. In a time when customers want things to become easily accessible, this includes finding data for their shopping convenience. So, if you’re using Google Ads and SEO for google analytics, take it one step further. Add voice assistance to your marketing team’s repertoire.

The stay-at-home marketing strategy.

Covid-19 changed many of the rules for shopping and what the target audience expects. Marketer strategy should anticipate marketing for individuals staying at home and working from home.

Hence, your inbound marketing strategy going into 2022 should ensure your audience gets all the information they need to buy from the ease of staying home. If the customer intends to come out to look at or purchase, they likely already have looked around online. Make your user experience online say more so they come out ready to buy, not shop around. Consumers are not shopping less – they’re simply going out less.

2022 marketing trends - valued content

Valued content in digital format.

2022 marketing trends focus on digital content that provides value to the audience. Your branding tells a story, and marketing content provides real and perceived value to the customers. Useless content is no longer being ignored but is bothersome to its viewers. If you don’t want to find your social media followers dropping off or your emails getting blocked, make certain your messages relay value to the consumer.

Content marketing returns to direct mail.

To step aside from the digital marketing trends for a moment, we see that direct mailing is making a comeback. Young people enjoy the personalization that direct mail offers.

Content marketing such as direct mail breaks through the tiresome digital format we see daily. It also comes off as more genuine to the audience. Want to learn more about generational marketing? Take a look at this 5-7 minute read – New Generation Marketing – How Best to Target Your Marketing Efforts by Generation. Pro tip: Postcards are direct mailing’s highest ROI. Postage is less due to their lightweight, and they capture the audience visually and stand out in the mailbox.

2022 marketing trends - Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing continues to inspire sales.

The use of role models in representing brands is a well-known marketing strategy from the past. We believe that if our role models use and recommend a product, it must be good. We trust our role models not to let us down, even in the advertising world. Influencer campaigns are rising on more digital formats and on more social media platforms than ever before. Influencer marketing is sure to be among the huge 2022 marketing trends. Whether through live chats or influencer sponsorship, you’re likely to see ROI if you can get on the influencer bandwagon.

In social media, LinkedIn is on the rise.

While Facebook is still struggling to rebrand itself and recoup losses, LinkedIn is on the rise. LinkedIn is often known for being a business platform for business information and B2B social selling. Because of this, they show a continued consistent rise each quarter with new users and customer impressions. If you’re getting into social media marketing, don’t overlook LinkedIn. They likely will be rolling out new business features to help B2B sales in 2022.

2022 marketing trends - social videos

Non-professional video content.

TikTok is the number one example of the power of video on social media platforms and the use of user generated content. TikTok is the leading social media channel among the Gen Z target audience.

  • ​​2022 predicts TikTok as the world’s third-largest social network. Its reach is 755 million monthly users in 2022, after seeing 59.8% growth in 2020, followed by 40.8% growth in 2021. Its development is faster than Facebook, and it is visited more than Google.

The younger generation thrives on video content and doesn’t need it to be professionally cut. As a matter of fact, this audience seems to prefer the more authentic and homemade live video that people make with their cell phones. This generation wants the truth and real-life stories. So, providing the information in a raw format helps support your cause and its genuine authenticity. Additionally, marketing in this raw uncut format helps make the content believable. It supports one of the biggest all-time marketing trends, WOM(Word of Mouth) advertising! People still trust their core group of friends and family most. Word of mouth is a valuable resource to a marketer and stretches beyond marketing automation.

2022 marketing trends - taking a stand on social issues

Marketing that doesn’t stand in the background on social issues.

Learn what your target audience is all about. Begin focusing on concentrated bits of advertising that are likely to yield higher results than overall messaging. Design focus groups within your target market and find niche markets to make your marketing more personal to their specific goals and values. Stay true to your brand and begin taking a stand on relevant issues. Today’s consumers are belief-driven. People want to support companies they believe share the same values they find meaningful. Thus, our recommendation is to reach down into thoughts on why you opened your business to begin with. Find those hidden values you supported when you began. Bring your values forward and take a stance on social concerns and relevant environmental or media issues. Standing together makes you stronger.

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