Financial Services Website Design for Money FCU.

Financial services website design - money website

Gaber Marketing Studios is pleased to have completed the new financial services website design for financial institution Money Federal Credit Union in Syracuse, NY.

Financial services website design - Money FCU website launch

Gaber Marketing Studios launched the new website design for Money Federal Credit Union Monday, March 29, 2021.

Money FCU is happy with its latest financial website and is seeing good feedback already. Gaber Marketing is proud to work with such a prestigious financial institution. In 1976, the employees of Mutual of New York Life Insurance Company (MONY) founded Money FCU. Money Federal Credit Union has continued to grow and is now a well-known financial institution in Syracuse, NY.

The owner of Gaber Marketing, Devin Sardano, expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to design and build their financial services website. He looks forward to a long-lasting, well-established relationship with the credit union.

Financial services website design - regulations

Financial website design comes with its own set of rules and regulations.

Here’s how we do it better. Working with banking institutions previously, we have industry knowledge of the specific financial criteria mandated for a financial institution. Other website designers do not need to worry themself about such guidelines. Yet, web design for financial organizations must exercise heightened security, membership access controls, compliance, financial statements, and disclaimers for banking by federal guidelines.

A financial services website must comply with the NCUA guidelines, PCI-DSS, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act), and more. That means things like encrypting customer information, the timing of electronic disclosures for new digital online customers, announcements of APY(annual percentage yield), and nondiscrimination compliance with Logotype for EHL(equal housing lender) and EOL(equal opportunity lender), to name just a few.

Website compliance for a financial institution is serious business. Don’t get caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Make sure you work with a reputable web designer who has some experience working with financial institution guidelines and federal responsibilities.

Financial services website design- clear marketing vision

A firm that combines vision and knowledge.

Gaber Marketing is proud to have a firm that understands both what the client and the customer needs. For example, working with Money FCU, Gaber Marketing developed a congruent website design to maintain the credit unions brand plus bring new life to the website. Simultaneously, the new design also had to be user-friendly and easy for the viewer to navigate. By the same token, we retain the design through every webpage for a succinct user experience. In this situation, we provide both what the client wants and what the user needs.

Building a web design has to account for both a new and fresh design as well as update the users’ expectations of how the site should interact. For example, older websites used to have a contact page that supplied an email address if you had questions. In newer web pages, the user often expects to have an instant chat response or some means of quickly getting answers to vital questions. The newer technology and instant response are prime examples of remembering what your customers need and expect from you. A website is not just a pretty picture; it serves your customers a function. If you don’t meet their expectations, you’ll lose business because of it.

Financial services website design - psychology behind web design

Web design user psychology.

Gaber Marketing employs user-based psychology to our web designs. This technique increases websites’ user experience and user-friendliness, therefore meeting the customers’ expectations and the clients. When asked about the owner’s extensive web design background, Owner Devin Sardano explains that his user psychology background helps make uniquely successful websites focused on what the user actually needs.

Further, he illustrates how this philosophy helps guide them through the website and has a higher conversion rate. Users are led easily to the precise information they came looking for. Afterward, they continue directly to the website’s call-to-action. Think of the process as first holding the customer’s hand. Then walk them down the correct aisle, explain the product, answer all their questions, and personally bag up their items. It’s like that. Additionally, Devin’s graphic design background makes the website’s composition and beauty remarkably innovative and extraordinarily awesome. This guy has talent that you can’t pass up.

Financial services website design - business professionalism

What’s different about a financial industry website?

Other than the federal guidelines, heightened security, and member access mentioned above, banking establishments must always portray professionalism above all else. Even when the brand speaks something different, it is crucial to keep a corporate face in light of the fact that people must trust you for the security of their money. A financial organization’s online presence is a tricky balance. The web designer walks a fine line. Consider if the credit union wants their brand identity to be a place of fun and community, as was the case with Money FCU. In this case, you need SEO that search engines will find. You’ll also need design elements that help bring feelings of fun and excitement. Furthermore, copywriting must maintain an air of wealth management and prestige that forms the trust financial clients come to expect from a financial institution. No one wants to entrust their life savings to a comedian, after all.

Another important web design hallmark for banking is responsive web design. Banks going mobile are an essential feature that most in the financial sector have already become familiar with due to the rise of mobile deposits, banking apps, and online banking from a mobile device. Although many websites built nowadays are responsive design, integrating your website to be optimal for such features takes a firm grasp of user psychology. There is always a significant difference between doing it and doing it correctly. Gaber Marketing cautions that mobile sites must be exceedingly easy to navigate and fully operational with user membership access controls.

Financial services website design - video

Banking moves financial website design into 2021 with social media and video.

Gaber Marketing anticipates financial establishments increasing social media videos due to their increasing popularity. Video is vital to keep up with today’s social media trends. Credit unions and banks that use video in their web design and social media posts will undoubtedly see an advantage over those that fall behind.

Video is a great way to convey small bits of information to your audience quickly and is more likely to be seen. People digest videos easier for several reasons. A video involves more sensory perceptions, including visual, audio, and emotional. For this reason, video gets the point across to the viewer quickly and more relaxed. Moreover, video is more often shared or liked, which increases your social status on social networks. Credit unions, in particular, are known for being part of a community. The internet gurus built social networking on the concept of communities. People get involved in social media to build their connections and personal communities. Accordingly, this is a prime category for banking and financial institutions to take full advantage of.

Financial services website design - web design history

Have you worked on other company’s financial services websites?

Yes. Devin explains that he was the lead web designer many years ago with another company in the past. While working as their lead designer, he handled financial services websites design for Fulton Savings Bank, Countryside Federal Credit Union, and SECNY Credit Union. Since Devin left that company, he proudly opened his own web design business, Gaber Marketing Studios, and has enjoyed eight years of his own success.

If you work under the financial sector umbrella and are looking to get a new financial services website design, rest assured that Gaber Marketing has the know-how and experience to create a credit union website your customers find useful and trendy. Top of their class in branding and award-winning in SEO, Gaber Marketing not only builds a superior website but would love to discuss your marketing campaigns. Create the online presence your customers are looking for. After speaking with Gaber Marketing Studios, you may realize that for the first time, you too can meet everyone’s expectations.

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