Web Design Trends We Love 2017

As we are halfway through 2017, there are several website design trends that are standing out. When it comes to website design, the user experience must come first and this year, we’re seeing sites take a more personal, interactive and relevant approach to design than ever before in order to enhance the customer experience. As always, the more a company (and brand) understands their audience, the better experience they can create for their users. Check out some of these 2017 web design trends that we love.

Experience Comes First

Long gone are the days that designing a website to look nice and meet SEO requirements were king. Now, websites must be designed with the user experience in mind first and foremost. Everything from responsive design to embracing new ways to incorporate content for story-telling, such as photos and video, are becoming the baseline for success. Now, brands are incorporating innovative technology to have a more conversational interface thanks to services and bots that allow users to talk directly with a brand or customer service.

Minimization is Key

Users don’t want to be bombarded with pop-ups and flashy graphics when they visit your website. They want to get the information they came to find and get it in the easiest and most efficient way possible. We also see this minimization trend carrying over into the more frequently used site design of long-scroll websites. While there are pros and cons to websites that use a long scroll, users tend to spend more time on site than if they had to click through to multiple pages. Of course, we see the effectiveness of long scroll sites in social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Bigger and Bolder

Gifs are fun animations that you see on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites that make you laugh and want to share them with a friend. Websites are taking the success of Gifs in those channels and cleverly incorporating them into site designs. Additionally, it is becoming more common for home pages to be simple with minimal content and major typography. The bold approach draws users in and helps make the experience more personal.

There are much more web design trends in 2017 that Gaber Marketing Studios is keeping an eye on. If you’re looking to create a website that will wow your users and wins you new business, Gaber Marketing Studios has the experienced designers you need. We will dive into your current site and provide recommendations for optimization or, we can start over from scratch and build a website that brings to life your vision for your brand.

Beyond our experience in website design, we are expert content marketers and digital marketers so you can rest assured that your site will have the SEO and engaging content you need. Contact us today to get started designing the website that your brand deserves.