Retail website design for Usc Creations. The story of their move away from Etsy shops.

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Press release: Usc Creations moved from an Etsy shop environment to a professional eCommerce website built by Gaber Marketing Studios.

Gaber Marketing Studios announces the new retail website design for retail shop Usc Creations in Miami, FL. Gaber Marketing Studios launched the new website design for Usc Creations in October 2021. When asked about the new website, Usc Creations expressed excitement and delight with the new look and feel of the eCommerce website. Business is booming, and the once small retail store is proud to move forward and away from the small Etsy shop beginning.

An eCommerce retail facelift.

As a leader in custom design scrub caps, this eCommerce retail store had a facelift for the holiday-what better time for a new look and feel. With the holidays right around the corner, this website could not have launched at a better time.

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Why the move from Etsy to an eCommerce website?

Our client found that although Etsy gave them a great beginning, their profits were dwindled by the Etsy shop costs. It was time to stand on their own two feet. That’s where we came in.

Gaber Marketing built them a website design keeping their online storefront intact.

We’re proud to work with such a friendly family as well as a woman and minority-owned business. The store’s humble beginning is a story we can all relate to. After designing her own scrub hats for her profession as a Certified Surgical Tech (CST), Carolina McMurray began to create for friends and coworkers. Everyone was loving their new scrub caps and asking for more. Upon seeing her friends and coworkers delight, Owner Carolina McMurray decided to open a shop. Usc Creations was born out of love and friendship, and they run their company under these same values today. Usc Creations is continually searching for the best in scrubs and custom designs to bring more to consumers and their friends.

The owner of Gaber Marketing, Devin Sardano, expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to design and build their retail website. We look forward to a long-lasting, well-established relationship with the eCommerce retail shop.

Marketing a New Retail Website.

As an online retail business, it is first and foremost essential to show the product, moreover, the quality of the product. The new web design showcases USC Creation’s beautiful wears and superior craftsmanship.

When building the website, part of our retail solutions is not only to show its inventory. It must also relay to the audience the true craftsmanship behind the product. Showing detailed craftsmanship presents trust and gains customer loyalty. Therefore, the online store is currently building its brand. Retail sales rely highly on images to relay these concepts to the consumer. Pictures convey beauty and superior craftsmanship. Likewise, descriptions are informative and supply the shopper with necessary details. With this purpose in mind, a good combination of photos and descriptive text brings the consumer to a place where they feel confident ordering from online retailers.

Continuing the Enthusiasm.

How do we keep the energy going? New landing pages, monthly blogs, and social media advertising efforts further supported the new website design increasing revenue and leads.

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What’s essential when designing an eCommerce website for a retail business?

There are a few things that automatically come to mind. First, we must display the retail inventory while maintaining the look and feel of your brand. An online retail business must have an easy-to-use eCommerce platform with a shopping cart checkout. Finally, you’ll want to provide additional product recommendations-these name just a few of the crucial pieces for building a retail website online.

Yet, second to showing the product inventory, the most important is how you will represent your brand personality. Why? Because your competition sells the same thing. There are hundreds, even thousands, of online stores. To get a leg up on the competition, you’ll need customer loyalty. Brand development builds lasting relationships with your consumers. Potential customers build confidence in purchasing from you by relating to your brand.

Building the Brand.

The website content uses a high-energy tone to build the company brand that expresses hope, dedication, and pride. We aspire to empower the healthcare workers and let them know we celebrate their work efforts and long hours. Furthermore, we provide the company’s backstory and real-life details. We share the owner’s personal pride for being a healthcare worker and a woman and minority-owned business.

In this case, the new About Us page created by Gaber Marketing shows USC Creation’s pride in being a family-owned and minority and women-owned business. We hope to add on additional landing pages that show support to the healthcare industry personnel in the near future. This direction will further the brand identity that these amazing working women of Usc Creations have developed.

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Transaction Volume – The Incline of Retail Sales.

When all is said and done, the numbers do not lie. Sometimes you’ll find it astonishing what hiring a professional can do for your business.

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Has Gaber Marketing Studios done marketing for other retail stores?

Retail stores are a massive part of our economy. Yes. Devin explains that he has developed marketing plans for many retail stores since he began his career in marketing. Under the Gaber Marketing umbrella, he produced a digital video commercial for The Art Store in upstate NY. Devin also designed content and digital marketing for Lovee, an exclusive fashion accessory company. Next, he created a digital video commercial for Whiff Wizard, a home air freshener, to name just a few. Although he respectfully acknowledged working on many more prior to starting his own company. Marketing for retail is an enormous part of the marketing business. Shopping via eCommerce is now an integral part of our shopping experiences. Gaber Marketing is proud to build websites designs for retail business owners.

Did you know? All new website designs by Gaber Marketing include the best SEO (search engine optimization) practices and most recent search engine algorithms for search engine ranking.

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