What you need to know about experiential marketing.

The goal of experiential marketing is to improve customer engagement levels through events or competitions that people can interact with. This interaction creates a stronger and better lasting bond between a brand and its key audience. Experiential marketing also improves the “Customer Lifetime Value” which continues to build over time, lasting beyond the end of a campaign.

What does experiential marketing look like?

There are many different ways to leverage experiential marketing that makes sense for your brand. Some low-key experiential marketing techniques include things such as product demos or free samples. This can be done at a surprise pop-up booth at a unique location, or it can be a part of your booth at a trade show or event. Demos and free samples are definitely a great way to influence a person’s purchase decision, ultimately playing a role in converting them to a customer.

Recently, technology is beginning to take experiential marketing to the next level. Through experiences created in virtual reality to interactive elements that help a customer truly understand what you are offering – experiential marketing has reached new bounds in winning over customers.

Traditional marketing vs. Experiential marketing

Traditional marketing has its limitations because of course, you can only create so much of an experience with a newspaper ad or a radio spot. Experiential marketing helps brands create authentic and original content that is capable of reaching digital audiences. Using mediums such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other emerging digital and social media outlets, brands can leverage video, imagery and more to launch an experiential campaign right at their customer’s fingertips.

Why you should try experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing should be fun and creative. It should also be exciting for you as the marketer to try something new, get out of your comfort zone and even get you out of the office. Creating an experience for your customers that resonates with them will stay will them much longer than a display ad on a website or a radio spot while they sit in traffic. Create an experience that evokes feeling with your potential customers, and you will be on your way to building brand loyalists.

Ready to brainstorm with Gaber Marketing Studios for an experiential marketing campaign? We’re here to help and once we nail down your goals and truly understand your customers and target audience on a deeper level, we will partner with you to create an experience like no other.