Christmas Ads 2021 – Our Guide To the Best Holiday Ads of the Season.

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We are advertisers! That means we love ads.

We’re taking this moment to have a little bit of fun of our own. It just isn’t Christmas until we’ve seen a few great Christmas advertisements. With a holiday season full of giving, which means massive consumer marketing, there are sure to be a few golden eggs among the bountiful plethora of Christmas ads 2021. Today’s blog centers on holiday ads. Get a peek into the ones we like best and why. What ads are fun and fresh? What ads made us cry? Please take this moment together with us to view some of the best holiday ads of 2021. We’ve selected a few of our favorites to share with you this holiday season.

Meijer Christmas Ads 2021

Meijer’s take on festive traditions – A Christmas tree holiday commercial. Christmas ad 2021

Meijer Inc. is an American supercenter chain throughout the Midwest.

This Christmas advert is a splendid example of understanding your loved ones and their needs. The family plants a tree and watches it grow. They are continually promised that it will someday be a Christmas tree throughout the years. Their festive traditions involve visiting the beautiful tree every Christmas eve. Finally, it becomes the family tree by understanding that it was never meant to be cut down. Also, realizing the family tree outside brings just as much joy, if not more.

We give this commercial one thumbs up for its environmentally friendly message and its take on making old traditions into something new and better. It does a super job exploring the branding and values that the company wishes to support. It shows respect to our elders as well as cherishes the young generation. From a marketing standpoint, it strikes the emotional cord it intended to hit and reveals the company’s brand identity. We wish it tied the product into the ad more than a bag of seasonal merchandise on Christmas eve. But, all and all, we give a solid one thumb up.

Erste Group Christmas Ads 2021

Christmas Ads with a hashtag. Erste Group – #believeintomorrow

Erste Group is a consumer banking or personal banking financial institution. It provides banking services by a bank to the general public.

This Christmas ad properly comes with a hashtag #believeintomorrow. The ad goes through a child and father’s interactions. The child reminds Dad to be environmentally conscious and take care of the environment. At first, the viewer is left to ponder why the child in the advert does not talk. *Spoiler Alert! As the ad concludes, the viewer realizes that we are seeing the thoughts of a future father. He makes conscious decisions to create a better world for the future of his unborn child. It is a decent example of looking forward to a future family and building a better future world. It reminds us all that our choices each play a part in the environment we live in. Together we can make a better world. More importantly, it reminds us why we want a better world and who we need it for – our future, our children.

Again we give this Christmas advert one thumb up for its environmentally friendly message and brand identifiers. As designers, we appreciate the creative element of the non-speaking character, who we find out is indeed just a thought from a father-to-be. Although, as far as Christmas commercials go, it could be a tad difficult to follow. It is creative. We understand that new families need banking services but would have liked it to tie into the banking somehow. Although, the clever addition of the hashtag is a nice feature to explain the ad concept. And, no, not every advert should hit you in the face with the product or service, but a quick connection is always lovely. #believeintomorrow gets one thumb up.

Apple Christmas Ads 2021

Apple Christmas ads 2021.

Apple is a well-known information technology giant, an American multinational company specializing in consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

This years holiday commercial from Apple is a tearjerker. The heartfelt Christmas ad brings both tears and joy. Apple helps us to remember lost loved ones this holiday season. It’s a well-thought-out interpretation of how each generation deals with the same heartache of a lost loved one in very different ways. It is a Christmas memorial to us remembering loved ones. Apple provides us with a way to honor their memories and brings the family together.

This Christmas advert gets two thumbs up. It hits all the emotions and shows an understanding of multiple generations. It is a brilliant advertisement that connects the product to solving problems and uniting the family. This Christmas film is a prime example of showing the product in its best environment. Apple’s Christmas commercials show value in value preposition and heartfelt meaning to strengthen brand loyalty.

Additionally, if you could pay attention through your tears, it shows how easy the product is to use. It had the two youngest characters use the product to solve the problem of missing their Grandmother/Mother/Wife. Further, it also shows how effortless it is to learn by having the children direct their Grandfather on how to use it. Well done, Apple geniuses! Two thumbs up.

Old Navy Christmas Ads 2021

Old Navy’s latest news – On Holiday Jingle Jammies.

Old Navy is an American clothing retail store known for fair pricing and clothing for the entire family.

The Old Navy’s Holiday Jingle Jammies Christmas commercial is upbeat and caters to a young hip audience. Beginning with an unexpected guest, American actress, singer, and television personality, Keke Palmer. Keke comes down the chimney and brings you through different environments while showing the latest jammie styles. Its upbeat music and lively dancing are sure to make you smile.

This holiday advert gets one and a half thumbs up. (There are only two thumbs, work with me, people.) We like the sensation and the lively music in the background. It gets an A+ for being a visually appealing video. Also, using an influencer to further reach their target audience is always a great marketing strategy. This Christmas advert has the feeling of a TikTok video. Perfect for Generation Z advertising. The only query we have is why they’re in their jammies at a restaurant? Although we absolutely love these new jammie styles – we certainly hope you’re not wearing them out to restaurants. Baring that bizarre instance, enjoy this holiday commercial. One and a half thumbs up.

Sports Direct Christmas Ads 2021

Holiday season ad for sports fans. Sports Direct – GO ALL OUT This Christmas.

Sports Direct is an international retailer for sports fashion, apparel & accessories.

Sports Direct is sure to give JD Sports a run for their money this holiday season. Go All Out is surely a holiday commercial sports enthusiasts will enjoy. Staring top sports names such as Jack Grealish, Emma Raducanu, Jordan Pickford, Conor Benn, and Jessica Ennis-Hill, to name just a few. This Christmas advert is chock full of unexpected guest stars for sports fans. The ad begins in an everyday home and moves quickly outdoors to an absolute cacophony of sporting events involving a Christmas snowball fight. Indeed, this snowball fight is one world news would cover.

Sports Direct gets our two thumbs up for this lively, entertaining sports brawl! The direction is high-quality, moving back and forth from real-time to slow motion. Each sport is highlighted in dramatic effects. There are plenty of sports influencers to catch a glimpse of. It all happens so fast it leaves you wanting more. This is the type of Christmas commercials sports fans want to see. It’s a commercial you could easily watch again and again. Well done, Sports Direct – two thumbs up.

Frito-Lay Christmas Ads 2021

A Christmas spectacular by Frito-Lay – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Our Top Pick for Christmas Ads 2021.

Frito-Lay is a manufacturer and distributor of popular American snack foods. This is the winner for our favorite Christmas ad of 2021!

Spokesperson Jimmy Fallon and Frito-Lay playfully and comedically take you through all the aspects of eating at holiday gatherings. They remind you how important food is as part of our celebration. And who doesn’t snack on snack foods during the holidays? With spokesperson Jimmy Fallon you can’t help but laugh and fall in love with this holiday advert. We even see farmer Christmas bringing Jimmy a tree and a monster akin to imaginary Iggy eating Tostitos.

Two energetic thumbs up! This Christmas spectacular explodes with energy. Furthermore, its enthusiasm is positively contagious. Truth be told, it actually has me longing for Doritos right now! This advert dives right into the fun-loving brand personality one might expect from a snack food manufacturer. That’s what we in the marketing industry call a home run. You just wait and see if you don’t find yourself purchasing Frito-lay products to have with your Christmas dinner feast after viewing this ad with us. Two energetic thumbs up – and a bag of Lays chips, please!

Not On The High Street Christmas Ads 2021

A Christmas advert to highlight – Not On The High Street.

Not On The High Street is an online marketplace for small creative businesses in the UK.

This Christmas shopping advert takes us pleasantly through stories of Christmas day and gift-giving. It relays emotions related to gift-giving and sharing family moments. Each story is visually depicted while direction provides anticipation and sets the mood.

This Christmas ad gets our honorable mention. Not On The High street uses hero shots to heighten anticipation and reveal. It sparks joyful feelings and captures the excitement in gift-giving. For this, we give it a job well done.

Home Depot Christmas Ads 2021

Holiday interview at Home Depot – Does Santa Claus Shop Here?

Home Depot is a home improvement retailer supplying tools, construction products, hardware supplies, and related services.

Home Depot’s new holiday ad shows a clever mock interview with their Alaskan store location employees. The interviewer attempts to get AK employees to speak on Santa Claus being a customer in their store. The interviewer continues to try and discover the latest news and is comedically dismissed or shut down at every turn.

We definitely give this holly jolly Christmas advert a two thumbs up for being clever and distinct. The mock world news interview is fun to watch as the interview progresses without positive answers. It captures the magic of Christmas and gives you something fun to think about. Where does Santa Claus shop? Creative advertising job well done. Two cold Alaskan thumbs up – inside our mittens, of course!

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