The simplest business advertising trick that you’re not taking full advantage of is holiday decorating. Get out your decorations!

Business advertising - holiday display

Seasonal decorations and dressing up your front window take your business advertising to the next level. Decorating the front window can draw potential customers inside but are you taking advantage of this excellent opportunity on social media?

For centuries now, we have understood the power of window shopping. When customers see a product displayed in unique and unusual ways, they want it. It allures their attention which in turn brings them into the store. Social media allows us to do the same thing with digital marketing.

Henceforth, digital marketing also benefits from decorating your business. Grab your audience’s attention on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media avenues you’re exploring with great holiday display photos.

business advertising - window shopping

Window shopping – Consumer behavior

To begin with, let’s understand why decorations can be a powerful advertising tool. First, let’s look at window displays and what makes them so effective. Display windows first began in London in the 18th century. The first store to see the true potential for an elaborate holiday display showcase was no other than Macy’s New York store in 1874. People took notice!

The grand window displays drew in customers. Who once inside the store would interact with the product. Consumer behavior tells us that potential buyers increase sales if they engage with the product. Soon after, large department stores in major cities began competing for holiday windows. These displays draw enormous numbers of potential customers, and so a marketing tradition was born.

Decorate your social media.

It is time to do the same thing on social media. This same draw we now use to entice our online buyers. If you have a unique and elaborate window display, showcase it on social media. Some of the top performers are Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Twitter, and You-Tube. We encourage you to use whatever social platform your target audience uses. Additionally, if you continue to do so, these prospective customers begin to look for what you’ll have next.

In the physical world, holiday displays draw the customers inside to shop. Similarly, across the internet, it draws them to your website or online store. Department stores are known for taking full advantage of such a broad spectrum of mouth-to-mouth business advertising.

Business advertising to online customers.

The clear advantage of social media’s outreach is its immediate accessibility. Current customers may return in an instant. At any given moment, the consumer can pop into an online store without a long car ride, crowded parking, the hassle of traffic, or lousy seasonal weather. Potential online customers realize they can reach you in an instant without leaving the comfort of their living room. For an advertising agency, that means taking your advertising to digital platforms. Therefore, clever marketers developed tv ads and social ads to meet your audience where they are. In this case, that’s at home.

Consequently, this also means reminding them that you’re still there, which brings us back to posting your holiday-themed pictures and displays to entice the target audience.

Window displays have been critical to advertising strategy throughout history. Today the holidays bring out a new level of small business advertising ideas that skyrocket social media. The goal is to catch their eye, hold their attention, and be the business they recall when they’re ready to shop.

business advertising - holiday social media

What’s the marketing goal without a storefront window?

Okay. How do we carry over the storefront tactics to your social media? When talking about social media nowadays, it doesn’t matter if you have an actual storefront window. Decorate your office. Decorate your desk. The important thing is showing your holiday spirit and interacting with your followers. No display window – encourage a decorate your office door contest. It’s time to get creative. So, take photos and get them out there.

The holiday business advertising boost.

Any marketer will tell you that season’s greetings in a marketing agency means the hustle and bustle of extreme marketing strategic moves, one after the next. Which, when handled correctly, yield high results that carry throughout the year. A great marketing plan is non-stop. The emergence of social media has added digital marketing and increased this job 1 billion times.

Who doesn’t love to see a kid playing in a pumpkin patch? Or a little girl who is dressing up in a witch costume. However, let me tell you the same goes for Thanksgiving and Christmas, too. A great big turkey and autumn leaves, and of course, the coveted Christmas trees are all images that people connect with. So, get your social media in an uproar from now till the new year.

Skyrocket the seasonal posts that you’re sending out. Make them real. Take pictures of your office, take photos of your decorations, and your holiday treats. Post friendly faces, happy, creative stories, and holiday tips.

business advertising - holiday impression

Business decorations make an impression.

If your beautiful holiday decorations stop and get someone to say “wow,” you’ve made an impression. Marketers understand that this positive response is undoubtedly impactful when it comes to lead generation and sales. Prospective customers may come back to purchase gifts, may tell someone else, or may look back again to see what you have for the next holiday. You’re, in effect, nurturing current sales and future sales. Therefore, marketers value this prime time to concentrate on brand awareness and strategic marketing efforts to boost your long-term marketing goal.

business advertising - holiday impression

An advertising campaign with quality holiday content

Recognizing the different social media platforms, remember to consider the nature of the content you’re sharing during these holiday peaks. For example, Facebook uses text posts, images, and video posts. Instagram is primarily photos. In comparison, you-tube and Tik-Tok are principally video platforms. When given the opportunity, we recommend using video content if available. A 10-second clip of holiday sales speaks volumes to your potential customers.

Some social media avenues even have the option to “go live.” Live feed is an excellent chance to exhibit your holiday decorations while showcasing holiday merchandise or talking about your next sale.

Marketing to your audience.

Be sure your seasonal content is giving your target audience what they want. Social media encourages social interaction. Keep your holiday content genuine and relevant to the audience and the specific social media platform you choose. Be sure to give your audience what they’re expecting from you. Also, remember to show customer appreciation and holiday cheer. Make sure that your content is consistent with your brand.

Suppose you had enough courage to have an interactive holiday display, good for you! Now, take the next step. Show off the fact that current customers are interacting with it. Encourage customers to take pictures inside your display and ask them to post them on social media or send them to you for posting. In social media marketing, this kind of activity builds interest and brand awareness. But whatever you do – get moving on your decorations and social media marketing.

business advertising - how to begin holiday social media

How do I begin?

Are you still stuck for ideas on how to take advantage of your holiday decor in your advertising campaign? Let’s explore a few options. Of course, there are product photos in your display and office party photos, and there are always creative ways to decorate the office or your window display. Use this content to spruce up your social media pages with the spirit of the season.

Yet, your content marketing could also explore games and stories. For example, if your holiday decorations include that naughty elf on the shelf, imagine the buzz created in the office if the elf struck your business. Perhaps he stole all the coffee and replaced it with hot cocoa. Snap a few pictures. Don’t stop there. Tag a few local companies asking them to join in creating the next elf on the shelf stuck business. See what they come up with and, of course, respond to their content on your site. Pro tip: Creating a holiday hashtag for your game will really get things rolling on social media. Now you have a game going on social media. Congratulations, you’re engaging the audience. Remember, options are endless. So, get creative.

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