How To Spot A Flop SEO Agency.

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Hot SEO Agency Vs. A Flop SEO Predator. Don’t get stuck paying for empty promises. Here are some hot tips on how to know if your SEO agency is the real thing or all empty promises.

Search engine visibility is a must for any business with a digital presence. Furthermore, you’re already running behind if you don’t have a vast digital marketing effort nowadays. Running paid ads such as a google ad gets you immediate visibility in targeted traffic. These ads are a great way to get your foot in the door. Yet, it’s critical to have a long-term marketing game plan. The problem is that the SEO industry is being flooded with independent SEO service agents and SEO agencies that claim to be doing all the work and are actually giving you nothing in return for your money. That is not to say that you don’t absolutely need an SEO agency. You do, and your business will thank you for it once you get the right SEO firm.

So, how do we spot an SEO agency predator?

The promise of results overnight. The first thing to look for is if your SEO expert promises results overnight. SEO specialists can begin keyword research and review your current SEO strategy overnight. Still, link building, website optimization, and many other crucial inbound marketing tactics take time to build and grow. Don’t fall for overnight promises. Now, this may bring into question, when should you expect to see results? After around three months, all the SEO work will begin to show on your SEO consultant’s reports.

An SEO agency without reports. That brings us to our second key indicator of if you have a good SEO agency or a flop SEO predator. SEO business is a business the same as any other. Your SEO service provider should provide monthly analytical reports to support the SEO efforts and the results. Some SEO clients have a hard time reading the papers and numerous charts of data. So, some SEO agencies create easy-to-read versions of the reports, while others prefer to have a quick monthly meeting to discuss current results. Either way, be sure you’re getting real data to support their SEO efforts and the results to ensure you’re getting what you pay for. Once you’ve established a credible SEO firm, you’ll relax the reins, just as you would with any employee under your command.

No SEO audit efforts and optimization. Another prime indicator of a poor SEO service provider is failing to return for updates to your prior SEO efforts. Search engine optimization standards and algorithms are continually changing. To stay on top of keyword ranking, you’ll need an SEO agency that does periodic audits and returns to prior SEO work for updates. A complex marketing strategy requires consistent effort over time. An SEO audit schedule and updates must be a running part of your SEO strategy.

Furthermore, a prime SEO firm will take the time to optimize your current website or build a new one if needed. SEO efforts are all so the audience can find your website. Therefore, you must create the website itself for SEO. If you did not create your website with SEO in mind, it needs to be revamped or rebuilt to support SEO efforts. Refusing to fix the crux of your business, your website, will destroy future SEO content.

The SEO firm offers limited SEO services. Does your SEO agency offer a full range of SEO services, or are they limited to offering keyword research and ranking services? A proper SEO agency combines a vast array of SEO services which can include: keyword research, check keyword density, search engine ranking, link building, website optimization, site map optimization, social media networks, traffic monitoring, SEO friendly content, Meta tags, Meta title, headings, backlinks, website design, picture URLs, picture optimization, loading speeds, SEO auditing, strategy, and feedback.

SEO is an intricate web with many complex parts. Suppose your SEO agency offers only a limited number of SEO services. In that case, you’re likely not improving the SEO enough to move the bar. Touching on only a few SEO services limits your chances of success and often ends up a waste of time and money.

Alters analytics in their favor. Does your SEO agency remove your company IP address so that your analytics are not skewed by increased results from your computer and company research? Do they further encourage you to do searches in incognito mode so that google doesn’t remember your favorites? Google shows you what you like to view first. Google is made to be smart and make your searching fast and easy. But, it can easily fool business owners into believing they top the charts in keyword searches for their industries. Consequently, use incognito mode to see actual keyword rankings and, more importantly, what your target audience sees as the true, local SEO search engine ranking.

Trying to reach SEO goals on your own. Many small business owners are too busy running their day-to-day operations. Hiring an SEO company allows your digital marketing to generate leads while you focus on your business operations and the customers.

We all understand that the process takes a lot of time. Still, you also need to have the correct tools at your disposal to keep updated on Google’s updates and analytics to get the benefit of results. It is a tricky interwoven web. If you don’t have both the tools and the knowledge, you can find yourself spending a whole lot of time spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

Google business provides insights that your SEO consultant is familiar with and regularly reviews to tweak your marketing campaign accordingly. These are just a few things that business owners don’t have the time to learn, stay current on, and perform along with their daily operations. SEO is one area management finds best to delegate its responsibilities to another agency for accountability and efficiency.

Important SEO agency questions that you should be asking your SEO company.

  • How long have they been providing SEO services?

  • What Technical SEO for on-page SEO and backend tactics do they implement?

  • Do they offer reports or regular meetings to discuss monthly data on campaign results and changes in strategy?

  • Do their reports remove your company’s IP address?

  • Do they periodically do SEO audits to re-rank older content and adjust for current technical SEO marketing?

  • What SEO services do they provide for frontend and backend SEO?

  • What SEO software do they use?

  • Do they sit down and discuss your company goals and your target market before making a campaign strategy?

  • Do they use both organic SEO and paid ads to build an SEO strategy?

To summarize, to spot an inferior SEO company, don’t shy away from asking questions about the services they provide, their procedures, and how they communicate with your company. Don’t fall prey to empty promises of overnight results or companies that do not provide measurable data for your review. They should always have an open line of communication with regular meetings for discussions. Your SEO company should never keep you in the dark about their process and actual data-driven results that you can view. Make sure you’re working with a reputable company that gets the best results for your company. Finally, remember that SEO ranking is not something that happens overnight.Did You Know?Reading customer reviews can also give you quick insight into the company's reputation.

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