Last year Devin Sardano was invited to conduct a seminar on digital marketing for Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management’s branch of the American Marketing Association. Well, they asked him back again, this year to discuss the importance of Brand Strategy and how to use digital tools to effect brand recognition. He enthusiastically accepted.

“The presentation Devin gave displayed a truly unique take on what marketing and brand building really are. One of the most important distinctions he made was the difference between sales and marketing, and I think that it’s extremely important for aspiring marketers to understand that. “

Devin presented a case that your brand is your company’s personality. It is how your company is perceived from everything that your business does, says, and shows. How you represent your company, the clothes you wear, your logo, your tagline, TV commercials, radio ads, the look of your office and general attitude of the people representing your business. These all define your brand. Trying to address all the elements that build your brand can be exhausting.

The first step to developing a successful brand answering four questions:

What is your story?
Humans have loved stories for as long as we have walked the planet. Marketing is all about drawing emotion and there’s no better way than through an engaging story.

Who is your audience?
When you know who you’re talking to, you can say what they’re waiting to hear. What’s their pain? What keeps them up at night? If you can make them “feel” that you can remove their pain, they’ll buy your product.

What do you expect from your audience?
This is the magic question. What do you want from them? Make it obvious what your expectations are. A concise call to action makes it easy for them to work with you. If they’re on board… don’t make it difficult.

Is it working?
Are your current efforts working? As you read above, a brand is made up of a lot of parts. Usually, some of those parts are working better than others. What’s currently working and why? That’s the best way to build a stronger brand in the future.

A successful brand reflects the answers to all of these questions. It’s an iconic representation of your story (so you have to know what story you’re telling), designed in a way that will be appealing to your audience (is that audience little old ladies, punk teens, soccer moms? They’re going to like different things.)


It’s great that you make the highest quality product or have the best service, but what if no one out there believes you? A marketing or business advisor knows how to make your perception reflect your truth.

Devin often says, “Truth is the responsibility of the business owner. A marketing agency doesn’t deal in truth. We deal in the perception of truth.”

An amazing time was had by all. Devin is looking forward to the next invitation to show off for Syracuse University and always welcomes any chance to share his experiences in the marketing industry. Devin is the founder and CEO of Gaber Marketing Studios. He’s worked in the advertising world for over 13 years. He currently specializes in Brand Development and consumer psychology.