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Paige’s Butterfly Run Asked us for a Promotional Video

If you’ve been following us at all you’d notice that we have been passionate about the mission of Paige’s Butterfly Run. We’ve tried to help wherever we can. This was one of those opportunities to show our support in battling pediatric cancer. We suggested after designing and deploying the new website, that we be allowed to create a promotional video in support of the new launch and get Paige in the front of mind again.

Paige’s Butterfly Run didn’t have the budget for a full production, so we did the project for free. We reached out to our friend and video production Syracuse University student, David Fathers. He worked brilliantly to catch the shots of our young actress and pull out the feeling of the movie. All at four in the morning and on Walton Street downtown.

Jake Gravelding, a Student at Drexel University, also contributed to the cause by engineering all of the audio for our project. A special thanks goes out to him and Jennifer Dickson for getting everyone coordinated. It was a wonderful project to be a part of and shows what we’re capable of without a big budget.