Don’t let this be the last thing your patient sees.

Often this is how we see the dentist. This isn’t a warm and fuzzy scene. The patient sits in the chair while all eyes are fixed on him/her awaiting with trepidation the inevitable pokes and prods that will come. We wanted to present to dental professional the view from the patient’s chair. OraBrite creates promotional material, personalized toothbrushes, for dentists and dental professionals to distribute to their patients. The “Don’t let this be the last thing your patient sees” seemed appropriate to send a message about the importance of promoting their message after the patient leaves the office. OraBrite thought it was a hit.

Your company brand is more than logo design, a catchy tagline or a website design. It’s a feel, a message that will represent your company when you’re not there to promote yourself. We spent some time considering how to present OraBrite as well as their products to their audience. How did we do?

OraBrite Facebook Marketing

Brands today have the incredible opportunity of interacting with consumers on the #1 social network in the world – Facebook – and creating relationships with them that are long lasting, personal and relevant.

OraBrite Google+ Marketing

Google+ Pages are very flexible and in a way, Google has given us a canvas on which to paint. The systems guide us, but the application is really down to our needs, outcomes, and imagination. So time to get out your oils, whip out your brushes or possibly even crayons, and get to work on something Michelangelo, would be happy to manage!

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