Gaber Marketing Studios is on YouTube!We’re keeping with the times. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. We have a YouTube Channel and our first video has been posted. When I was just starting out – I still do this frequently enough – I relied on YouTube videos to learn new things, stay informed about industry changes, and the occasional humorous video clip.

This new Channel is my opportunity to support all the designers and developers the same way I was supported. I’ve learned a lot through the years, some after a lot of swearing and kicking, maybe I can help some other folks avoid some of that storm. That being said the Gaber Marketing Studios YouTube Channel will present the work we’ve done, what we’re doing, opinions on industry news and updates, and video tutorials showing how we made the magic happen. I might even play drums on here… if you really want. Take a look, the first video is already up and plenty more are sure to follow.

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