Owner Devin J Sardano of Gaber Marketing Studios is giving out his vast knowledge, and some secrets, of advertising and use of social media for business. The Southside Innovation Center, a project of the Martin J Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, asked Gaber Marketing Studios to develop a curriculum for an 8 session program introducing Social Media for Businesses and scheduled Devin J Sardano, owner of Gaber Marketing to teach the classes. We’re very excited!

Devin Sardano on teaching again:

My first love is teaching. I really like helping people understand the benefits of what we do and how it applies to their unique needs. It’s a great feeling to see the concepts start to make sense and to see an entrepreneur get excited about how they’re going to make these ideas their own. It’s awesome.

And to be associated with such a powerful and respected program like the South side Innovation Center and the Whitman School at Syracuse University is something I’m proud to be a part of.

The first session, “Building a Facebook Identity for Business” went brilliantly.

Gaber Marketing Studios once again in the forefront of advertising, taught a free two-hour class on Social Media for Business. “Building a Facebook Identity for Business”; Thursday, November 21st, at the Southside Innovation Center. This was the first in a series to be scheduled in January after the holiday season, so stay tuned for the remaining social media classes for LinkedIn, Google Plus+. Twitter and Instagram.

Why Facebook for Business?

Today, consumers — not marketers, not salespeople — have all the power. They can choose when to interact with you, on what channel, and on what terms. Facebook is one of the networks that enables this consumer freedom — it’s a network users navigate based on their own interests. By being present on this site, you are taking back some of the control in your marketing by giving your potential future customers a new channel to discover you on.

Want to know more? Download the class synopsis.

Don’t yet see the value of Social Media Advertising? Learn the importance of a dynamic marketing strategy including Social Media Advertising.

Other Questions?

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