Social media groups have become the leader in customer communication. Where once we would call on a friend for the answer, now we put our question out on Facebook. Why? Simply because more people will see it.

Facebook is the largest social network in the world. As of July 2013 Facebook has 1,110,000,000 active users / month and 680,000,000 Facebook mobile users. Every 20 minutes 1 million links are shared.

This is an enormous resource that your business cannot afford to ignore.

Social media puts your businesses face in the laps of millions of viewers. Keeping your name on the forethoughts of your customers so when they have a need for your product or service you are the first one they think of. Furthermore, with your continual presence, the customer knows they will be able to get a hold of you and has the reassurance that you or your business is keeping up with technology and mainstream ideas. This leans credential to your business presence.

These statistics show that every business type can benefit from social media connections.

There are many social media resources and the implementation of these Social Networks are roughly the same with a few minor differences due to the nature of your audience.

Facebook: 750,000,000
Twitter: 250,000,000
LinkedIn: 110,000,000
Pinterest: 85,500,000
MySpace: 70,500,000
Google Plus+: 65,000,000
Instagram: 50,000,000

With that volume of traffic, Facebook provides many opportunities for businesses and organizations to reap some benefits. Here are a few goals to consider when getting started using Facebook as a business tool:

  • Get found by visitors searching for your products or services
  • Create a community to connect and engage with current and potential followers
  • Promote your marketing offers to convert followers into leads and customers