TV commercials are still a big part of our lives. Even though we focus on internet marketing here at Gaber Marketing Studios, we’re not so naive as to not see the power and reach of television… and none more powerful than during the Superbowl.

Is there another time of year that people tune in sometimes Just to see the TV commercials. Not another time that I can think of. I love the Superbowl, not for the football, but for the commercials. I’ll sit down with a notebook and critique the different styles and influences used throughout the Superbowl game.

Will advertisers try to reach you through humor? Start Power? A Grass Roots campaign? We’ll see each year when the best (and the most expensive) commercials are put on display as much for your entertainment as promoting a product.

The cost for advertising has become so high that advertisers have to take advantage of the time available during the most watched TV time of the year. Promote a product, entertain the audience, mainly make sure you put your best foot forward. Advertisers have to outshine the other commercials running at the same time because this time your commercials are being compared and critiqued against the other commercials running. Which one will you remember?

After all the commercials that ran last night. I decided that this one for Honda with Bruce Willis was the best. I would hug Bruce Willis too. #Hugfest

Of all the commercials throughout Superbowl history what was your favorite? I recall this commercial from the mid 90’s for I’ve since referred to it to a number of clients and this qualifies as a bad commercial. Even though people thought this would be an effective use of both humor and “shock” to develop a memorable campaign… it didn’t work. A lot of people remembered the commercial, but no one remembered the company.

Where am I going with this?

TV Commercials are hard to make, and making a good one especially during the Superbowl is even more difficult. What one was your favorite? I’d love to know. I’ll collect the responses and create a chart of the winner of all time Superbowl commercials.