Linkedin allows you to sidebar advertise. The image above is an example of LinkedIn advertising. Under the section “Ads you may be Interested In”.

These ads are generally inexpensive, however all my research and experience developing these advertisements have proven that they are not effective. It’s my opinion that your advertising dollars can be better spent through a different network or media. The LinkedIn ads take advantage of the same information collected when you create a Facebook account, but in terms of a professional network.

Demographic Choices for LinkedInNarrowing your display ads to key people is essential for social advertising to work effectively.

The problem with LinkedIn isn’t demographics, but audience and placement. The audience is a professional audience. They’re motivated by networking or information gathering. They have a stronger “Ad blindness” than the average consumer found on Facebook. This “Ad Blindness” is made worse by the placement of advertising on LinkedIn, below the fold under your personal information hidden on the right sidebar.

LinkedIn does have another advertising option though… Sponsored do LinkedIn Sponsored Updates work?

Who is the LinkedIn Audience

What's it cost to advertising on LinkedIn

Raise brand awareness, build relationships, and drive quality leads with Sponsored Updates. Extend your reach to the LinkedIn feed across web, mobile, and tablet. That what LinkedIn says, and they’re right. I don’t believe you’ll ever sell a product through a sponsored post, but you will gain followers of your LinkedIn company profile and generate Brand awareness. This all equates to Reach! And most of the time reach is good.