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Video Marketing

Video is king in content marketing today. At Gaber Marketing Studios, while we have a passion for developing videos that are eye-catching and entertaining, we’re more focused on creating video content that is engaging for your target audience while it conveys your key message. We believe that is what makes our video marketing services different from the other guys; we get to know your audience on a psychological level before we even start conceiving a storyboard. We also make sure we are perfectly aligned with your goals so that our creative approach is the perfect blend of your message and your audience’s needs.

Once we do our research and know your audience like the back of our hand, then we will work with you to storyboard out concepts and develop video scripts for spokespeople or voice overs. We’ll be with you every step of the video marketing process and diligently work with you through the editing process until you are happy with a final product.

Beyond assisting you in the video production, we develop an overall marketing and advertising strategy for videos we make. From long-term plans to support growth-driving goals for your business to short-term strategies supporting a brand launch or product launch – we have the experience and expertise you need to be successful with video marketing.

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