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Responsive Web Design

In today’s digital age, websites must have a responsive design. There is simply no way around it as mobile internet usage continues to skyrocket. In response to high mobile device usage, some companies are even developing websites with a mobile phone in mind – focusing on that user experience more than ever.

A responsive web design will reorganize itself based on the screen dimensions of the device on which it is viewed so that the same site can be successfully interpreted on a large desktop screen or small mobile screen. A responsive website is more crucial than ever as people are always on-the-go and using their devices.

At Gaber Marketing Studios, we can take your existing site and make alterations so that you have a responsive web design, or we can start from scratch and develop a mobile responsive site that works for your audience. We know it will work for your audience because we will use data analysis and user experience testing to validate our web design approach.

Having a responsive site doesn’t necessarily make your site successful, but a responsive website designed by Gaber does.

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