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Public Relations

Did your company release a new product that you need to get the word out for? Did you recently expand your services by opening a new location? Are you presenting or giving a speech at a major event? Are you planning a major event with layers of logistics? If so, you’re going to need messaging, strategic plans, and media outlets that are sure to really, truly speak to your target audiences.

If you know you want to expand the reach of your business and grow your brand awareness – Gaber Marketing Studios is ready to dive in and find the right public relations solution for you. We have served many clients in many different industries, and that experience has proven to us that,

“There is no umbrella solution when it comes to public relations strategies.”

A press release can be the right route for some companies while a social media marketing push is the right approach for others.

What are your goals? What message are you trying to convey? How do we get a large audience showing at your event? We’ll start by answering questions such as those to get to the root of what you want to accomplish before we even think about a solution. After that, we can craft the messaging and distribution channels for that messaging.

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