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Pay Per Click campaigns reach your customers immediately when they are searching for you and when they are most likely to convert. It does this by displaying an ad on all the websites that your customer visits directly after visiting your site. Only after they click on that ad and go back to your site will you pay. Hence, “pay-per-click”. In digital marketing strategies, pay-per-click campaigns are a lower marketing funnel tactic proven to have massive returns on investment.

Traditional advertisements such as TV commercials attempt to reach the right audience with your message; then they rely on the chance that your audience might actually remember to contact you after they’ve seen the ad. Pay-per-click advertising is measurable and refinable in the moment so that your campaigns are continuing to optimize and operate at max efficiency.

“We want to limit wasteful expenditures so that your advertising dollars go as far as possible.”

Before we even launch a pay-per-click campaign – we’re going to explore your audience and how they operate and respond in this landscape. What keywords is your audience searching for that would lead them to your brand? Where are they searching so that we can determine target markets? What devices do they usually search with?

From there, we start to strategize and create pay-per-click campaigns that are deeply rooted in a solid understanding of your target audience. From ad copy to keyword optimization to campaign data analysis – our digital marketing experts will be with you every step of the way and help your business continue to grow.

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