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Source to Product | Vertical integration

Source to Product | Vertical integration

The site we developed is a sibling company called B&B Pallet Company, yet they wanted to keep it under the same umbrella.

Because they started as a lumberyard and evolved; they don’t have to go somewhere else to get the lumber, or go somewhere else to manufacture it, or go somewhere else to distribute it. Thus the most important part to convey was that they do it all their self and no one else can.

The Concept

The Concept

We redesigned the entire brand, logo, and other related projects. We identified the audience as someone merely looking for pallets, but with unique expectations for those pallets. B&B often worked for the pharmaceutical industry, which requires a lot of regulations for clean delivery of medicines.

The Look & Feel

The Look & Feel

We wanted to showcase visually that they not only had the source of the product but that their product was uniquely identified. Visually as we navigate through the site, you will see the evolution of services available to their customers.

The primary focus was the visuals, but because their products were so specific, we had to pay attention to what types of options would be available.

Through SEO and other methods, we had to make sure that “free pallets” didn’t come up. Very specific industry terms were needed as it had to be pharmaceutical and it had to be clean. Specific industry terms we needed to account for.  Food and pharmaceutical grade, 4-way pallets, crate side pallets…
With these, we showed that they not only had the wood but created the specific products for solutions to already identified industry needs.

We Did More

All the design elements were chosen to give a sense of longevity, right down to the color palette. To illustrate that the company is a lot older than our child company, we used a lot of black and white. All photos were taken by Gaber Marketing. We wanted very specific shots to customize the feel on the site. All the visuals and content was developed by us. Much like them we had a source to product solution.

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