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Starting With A Tease

The official launch was scheduled for March 2016. We still didn’t have any cooperation from the manufacturer, but because we were on a tight timeline, we started with a teaser campaign on Facebook.

A Series of Six

A series of six visuals were created to promote the feeling of individuality and creativity. We didn’t want to show the product. We wanted to encourage curiosity.

“In an industry full of terms that can seem like a foreign language, Devin Sardano of Gaber Marketing Studios is articulate and easy to communicate with — and that’s refreshing! I’ve worked with Devin, he’s a smart, creative energy with good ideas backed up by talent.”

-Anne Sabach, Sabach Design

“When I met Devin over 18 months ago I was immediately impressed. He struck me as an original thinker with original, innovative ideas. At the same time, he had a lot of experience under his belt and I could see he had a passion for what he does for a living. He has a good handle not only on social digital media marketing but also traditional marketing. He’s especially good at short segment videos you may need for your website, YouTube or Facebook. As I did the first day and still would today, I describe Devin as “Lightning in a Bottle”. A good investment of your marketing dollars if doing it in-house is not in the budget.”

-Bill Francis, Founder / Francis A/V

“Devin is highly creative and presents a new perspective on web design. He’s a good communicator and doesn’t hesitate to try new ideas.”

-David Compton, Director of Sales & Marketing