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Tech Geekery

Personality First!

Personality First!

We wanted to create a sense of whimsy and showcase the company culture, but not compromise the services they provided.  We had a number of interactive elements that moved or shifted or danced, but not distract.  Our icons were very supportive to the company culture by using illustration as apposed to icons or photographs. To create a “sketchy” pencil drawn look and feel.

Relationship Based Approach

Relationship Based Approach

The services that they provided were traditional IT, so our attempts to uniquely identify them through the site was to uniquely identify how they approach the industry, which was less about the services they provided and more about the culture and the relationships that they continued to establish and maintain.

I came to Gaber marketing in 2017 with a rather unusual challenge, to create a market that currently does not exist, with an extremely narrow target market of the one percent. Devin enthusiastically accepted the challenge, and over the next few months, Devin’s genius imagination created a marketing plan and strategy for me to achieve my goals. Next was website and brand, and again, Devin’s creative genius hit another home run. Everyone loves the website and logo. Creating a new market is a step by step process, it is not something that is going to happen overnight, but in the few short weeks that the website has been out, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, exceeding all my expectations. Thank you, Devin, for introducing this technological resistant soul and his work to the modern world, and look forward to all the fun on our climb to the top!

-Michael Kin, FA2FRKON

“Gaber Marketing is unique in that they don’t fit your business into a preset marketing platform, but they find the best media to give voice to your company. Devin works with you to understand your brand and the right message for your consumers and how to deliver that. It might be a website, commercial, print material, logo design, social media campaign or any number of other options that are right for your business and budget. I came to Devin with one idea and came out with a platform and tools that have gotten me on the right track with my goals. I couldn’t have come close on my own!”

-Carolyn Henn, Founder of Health in Hand Bodywork

“Devin consulted with SpinCar on our marketing strategy and helped us double our monthly inbound lead production. He’s a real marketing ninja that I think can help a business / overcome some of its challenges.”

-Devin Daly, CEO SpinCar