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Website Redesign CMD Medical Professional Services

CMD Medical Professional Services

Starting With A Name

Starting With A Name

We wanted to have a little bit of fun with the concept of CMD; command, so we extended that concept with the tagline: Take Command of your Behavioral Health Practice. That message bleeds thought everything they were doing and everything that we wanted to present in our collateral.

Then Making it Different

Then Making it Different

We wanted to try something a little different and that was to integrate the audience into the site experience.  When you first arrive to the full page, their not an onlooker; they’re experiencing it. The video showcases three individuals pointing and talking about what the visitor is looking at. 


I haven’t seen it done before personally and we found it be very engaging. People continue to talk about it. You haven’t gone on to read or scroll but you already have a good feel about what they do, and understand the service they provide.

A Complete 360º Solution

A Complete 360º Solution

All of the words, logos, and concepts were developed by Gaber. We wanted to talk about the 360 degree solution, so the audience understood they were a complete solution for ALL of the administrative services or responsibilities that a behavioral health clinic would have to deal with. 


We also needed to highlight that behavioral health has different criteria than any other medical field.  That required us to showcase their experience in that unique vertical.

A Fully Immersive Experience

We created throughout each page, interruptions while scrolling without disruption by sprinkling in calls to action to schedule a demo. We couldn’t know when the reader was prepared to make a decision, so we wanted to incentivize them to start a communication without feeling stressed or high pressure sales.


What we wanted was a complete multi-media experience from this site, from videos from imagery to content, to complimenting calls to action throughout that experience, it was designed to be fully immersive.

“Devin is great to work with!! He always comes prepared with different solutions, he’s fast and efficient, and he has the creative genius you won’t find anywhere else. Definitely recommend!”

-Rachel Morgan, Web Designer

I came to Gaber marketing in 2017 with a rather unusual challenge, to create a market that currently does not exist, with an extremely narrow target market of the one percent. Devin enthusiastically accepted the challenge, and over the next few months, Devin’s genius imagination created a marketing plan and strategy for me to achieve my goals. Next was website and brand, and again, Devin’s creative genius hit another home run. Everyone loves the website and logo. Creating a new market is a step by step process, it is not something that is going to happen overnight, but in the few short weeks that the website has been out, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, exceeding all my expectations. Thank you, Devin, for introducing this technological resistant soul and his work to the modern world, and look forward to all the fun on our climb to the top!

-Michael Kin, FA2FRKON

“Devin helped me develop all of my advertising and marketing ideas for my small business. When I started out, I thought I had it all figured out but I couldn’t have been more lost. Devin straightened my ideas out and we started from the bottom starting with my company logo and website ideas. I get tons of compliments on both and business contacts have grown at a much faster rate with his help. People who have found my website say it contains exactly what they are looking for and they find the necessary information with ease creating instant contact. After only two years I’m in the process of expanding my business faster than I expected and contacts are rolling in regularly through my website. I’d recommend anyone to Devin who is looking for marketing and advertising strategies and who is looking to grow their business.”

-Edward Reid, CEO Reid Engineering