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Classically Handsome

Classically Handsome

We wanted to exemplify that 1940’s starlet, classic definition of beauty with that particular model and with that particular style. We also wanted to create a visual cue through this model of a women who was older, but still had that classic, elegant triangle of beauty. From a distance, we can see softer, younger features but as you got closer you could see the nuances of her age.

Making Them Different

This was one of the first cards that Gaber designed that had dynamic data on the back.  4-8 different messages were printed so that each time you saw one you would get a different message. Each message was a new way to interpret the goal, which was defining your beauty or defying your age. You have choices to turn back the clock.

We Boldly Went

On the front side, we wanted to maintain the celebrity status of the cofounders, so as other staff were added we created colors to represent levels of status. Gold represented the founders, blue represented the surgical interns and red represented support staff. We used Star Trek colors. It was fun.

“Devin’s intelligence, wit and comprehensive knowledge regarding how to get the most out of our marketing goals was refreshing. Gaber Marketing helped us find our voice as a company by asking simple questions that made us think about ourselves in a different light.”

-Syracuse ATM