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They Had Something To Start With

They Had Something To Start With

We started with the name and a version of their logo. The original logo was well done, but we saw room for improvement. We made some font changes and moved certain iconic elements to better highlight the name and the feel that they were trying to achieve. The goal; light and clean focus on nature. It was conceived to be something that is warm and inviting.  Nothing that would feel corporate or pharmaceutical. No elements that were hard.

Start With Strategy

Through working back and forth, we both agreed to a target audience that made the most sense and a brand psychology that was more focused on healthy living than on a holistic cure. Then we “celebratized” the CEO.  As a professional she had already written two books; thus it was easy for us to use her as your guide to healthy living. Through scheduling events, speaking engagements, book signings, and other happenings which we set up, we placed her in the spotlight.

Making Them Different

Business cards were an obviously necessary element. We, as a culture, have been desensitized to business cards.  We get them and automatically put them in our pockets and wait for them to run through the laundry.  So we decided that the card stock had to be thicker. We went with a 19 pt rather than a traditional 14 pt or 16 pt. This initiated a tactile experience that would create a uniqueness against the countless other business cards that someone will have in their pocket, business card holder or wallet.  The 19 pt also allowed us to stand-out in a stack of cards, merely because it is physically thicker and that much harder to overlook.

The last element that we wanted to make sure we achieved, funny as it may sound, is that we wanted the business card to be interactive.  How can a business card be interactive? By making the back horizontal and the front vertical. This forces you to take time to focus on shifting it, causing you to literally reset your attention timer. Just one more subtle way to stand-out, and piece by piece making a simple thing like a business card genuinely unique.

“Devin is highly creative and presents a new perspective on web design. He’s a good communicator and doesn’t hesitate to try new ideas.”

-David Compton, Director of Sales & Marketing

“Devin consulted with SpinCar on our marketing strategy and helped us double our monthly inbound lead production. He’s a real marketing ninja that I think can help a business / overcome some of its challenges.”

-Devin Daly, CEO SpinCar

“Devin has been working with me for over a year, getting me ready to launch a brand new product…didn’t know I needed the help he’s provided, but it turns out his expertise has been invaluable and together we’ve come a long way. His brilliant wizardry has been fantastic…stay tuned and you’ll see how awesome he has been with his marketing strategies. Many thanks to Gaber Marketing!”

-Debbie Burr, Founder of MyPal