Paige’s Butterfly Run Asked us for a Promotional Video

If you’ve been following us at all you’d notice that we have been passionate about the mission of Paige’s Butterfly Run. We’ve tried to help wherever we can. This was one of those opportunities to show our support in battling pediatric cancer. We suggested after designing and deploying the new website, that we be allowed […]

Healthy Living for Entrepreneurs

Gaber Client, Holistic Blends teaches entrepreneurs how to live healthy while still living fast. Join us at the Tech Garden on Wednesday, February 17th to learn about Healthy Living for Entrepreneurs! Of course since Gaber Marketing Studios runs on Caffeine and Robots (and the occasional breakfast bar) you probably shouldn’t take our advice on healthy living. […]

OraBrite Needed A Message… Gaber Marketing Came Up With One

Don’t let this be the last thing your patient sees. Often this is how we see the dentist. This isn’t a warm and fuzzy scene. The patient sits in the chair while all eyes are fixed on him/her awaiting with trepidation the inevitable pokes and prods that will come. We wanted to present to dental […]

OraBrite Looks Great Before the Tradeshow with Email Marketing Campaign

OraBrite will be attending the 2013 ADA Annual Session in New Orleans. It’s a huge trade show for dentists and dental professionals who are looking for the highest quality, most innovative and effective continuing education to improve patient care. To promote attendees to visit them at the show we created a new 20% off promotion for visitors […]