Jackie Stare, Author at Gaber Marketing

What you need to know about experiential marketing

The goal of experiential marketing is to improve customer engagement levels through events or competitions that people can interact with. This interaction creates a stronger and better lasting bond between a brand and its key audience. Experiential marketing also improves the “Customer Lifetime Value” which continues to build over time, lasting beyond the end of […]

Blending Social Media & Content Marketing

“Social media marketing and content marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, salt and pepper, bacon and eggs… and so on.” While they are good on their own, they are best when paired together, and even more effective. Social media marketing and content marketing are crucial components of a digital marketing […]

2017 Web Design Trends We Love

As we are halfway through 2017, there are several website design trends that are standing out. When it comes to website design, the user experience must come first and this year, we’re seeing sites take a more personal, interactive and relevant approach to design than ever before in order to enhance the customer experience. As […]