SECNY Federal Credit Union already had a website. The design was satisfactory, but not very scalable and not a responsive website design. They were struggling with a new SECNY Mobile App, but with downtime and regular updates it wasn’t what they had hoped. We presented the idea to replace the mobile app with one fully integrated marketing strategy. Use the website as a mobile app, a blog for news and events, as well as an informational resource for your customers. They were on board.

One of the concerns we had to address was that we couldn’t reinvent the site so dramatically that their current customers would get confused. We also needed to keep all the functionality of the current site in tact (even if we moved it around a little).

Responsive Website Design

Responsive website architecture is still fairly new, but that didn’t stop us! We created a site that would redesign itself as the screen size reduced. This means that the user would always be able to interact with the site easily no matter what device they viewed the site on. Phone, tablet, standard desktop or large desktop the site can change and remain accessible.

We needed to leave an impression. By delivering a site that worked on any device and a very unique horizontal page interaction we and the client felt we achieved our goals. But you don’t have to take our word for it.