Gaber Marketing Studios in Syracuse has been working with OraBrite for a while now, but this was the first opportunity for us to shine in website design. OraBrite was unveiling their new product the ProxyBrite Interdental Brush System at tradeshows and seeing a great response.

They needed a webpage designed to inform their audience about the details of the new product, but at the same time make it very easy to order a sample of the Interdental Brush System online. Gaber Marketing Studios in Syracuse was asked to create a new responsive website design that would be aesthetic as well as functional. This is what we came up with. We like it, and thankfully so does OraBrite.

Social Media Marketing

We were also tasked with developing a branded Social Media Marketing presence. This meant creating a memorable but consistent Facebook page as well as a Google+ Plus page was created to take advantage of Google Products and create a presence in the Google Community as well.

Thanks to OraBrite for letting us show off a bit. The ProxyBrite product is an extension of the OraBrite marketing project and we feel that the ProxyBrite website design will definitely help create a brand awareness for both OraBrite as well as ProxyBrite.