The Pike Block apartment project needed to “sell” living in Syracuse to those whom would best be suited for it. Thus, we chose to appeal to a younger audience. Pike Block wanted to capture the attention of young urban professionals and students who would most likely be interested in living in downtown Syracuse.

Keeping the target audience in mind the site was developed with a grunge theme established by using the brick wall patterns and large urban photography reoccurring throughout the site. To further capture the younger audience we developed a unique horizontal architecture for the site, pages spanning side by side rather then the traditional up and down. This gives the site a fun non-traditional feel.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive website architecture is still fairly new, but that didn’t stop us! We created a site that would redesign itself as the screen size reduced. This means that the user would always be able to interact with the site easily no matter what device they viewed the site on. Phone, tablet, standard desktop or large desktop the site can change and remain accessible.

We needed to leave an impression. By delivering a site that worked on any device and a very unique horizontal page interaction we and the client felt we achieved our goals. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Brand Creation

Deliberating with VIP Structures we agreed to Brand the company with a very plain straight forward logo, this done to keep the urban feel and hold true to the grunge theme. Following up we chose to incorporate a Tag Line, “Celebrate the art of city living.” The tag line is the center premise which created our feel and inevitably lead to the grunge/urban website. All elements combined give the user a complete urban experience.

Celebrate the Art of City Living