OraBrite charged us with developing and maintaining their integrated marketing campaign. That means everything from the maintenance and search engine optimization of the website to social media campaigns and email marketing. It also means traditional marketing strategies like print design and trade show presentation materials. OraBrite was attending the largest dental meeting in the country, the annual Greater NY Dental Meeting in New York City. They had a booth but needed to make sure they drew in traffic. Exactly like web marketing, trade show marketing means your audience has about 5 seconds for you to gain their interest before they continue walking to the next presentation booth.

Having all your competition and information overload for all the attendees meant they needed to uniquely identify themselves and their product. We came up with the idea of a sweepstakes. and email marketing campaign and a PPC campaign promoting the giveaway would help draw people into the booth, but the idea behind a presentation was to keep people interested long enough for someone to talk to them and find out what their needs were. This video presentation was the way we achieved that.

The fully immersive experience of the video, sound and motion was designed to entertain and inform a viewer about the Greater NY Dental Meeting and OraBrite’s service. We understood that we wouldn’t have a lot of time, as our viewer would become disinterested quickly, so we kept the running length short, only 1:51. It was a success at the show. Take a look at what we did.