OraBrite will be attending the 2013 ADA Annual Session in New Orleans. It’s a huge trade show for dentists and dental professionals who are looking for the highest quality, most innovative and effective continuing education to improve patient care. To promote attendees to visit them at the show we created a new 20% off promotion for visitors at the show. What Gaber Marketing Studios in Syracuse needed to do was design and mass deliver a new HTML email marketing campaign informing dentists and dental professionals in attendance to visit the OraBrite booth and take advantage of the show promotion.

Responsive Email Marketing

Responsive Web Design addresses the concern that people are viewing your digital media in tablet, mobile, High Resolution TVs. We know that even more people read their emails from these devices. Catering to your audience is essential for a conversion. Email design is tricky. Not only do we design the architecture to best display in a number of devices, but we need to write the content for your email marketing to be successful. Is the subject captivating without sounding “spammy”? Is the email message direct and easy to understand? Does the reader know what to do next? These questions are addressed every time Gaber Marketing Studios creates an email marketing campaign.