Greene & Reid came to us concerned about the presentation of their existing website. Although they were getting a lot of traffic to the site, they felt that the older website design wasn’t a good reflection of their legal practice anymore. The website needed a facelift. We created a “metro” style website design to match current trends and create an environment that would be easily scalable in the future.

A mobile friendly environment was established so the website could easily be viewed from a mobile phone.  Responsive web design allows the viewer to see the site with minimal difficulties and zooming issues.

Once we had the responsive web design built and functioning we knew we couldn’t lose all the traffic their existing site generated. An extensive search engine optimization evaluation was conducted and when the site was finally launched in July of 2013 there was no considerable drop in traffic.

Since the launch Greene & Reid has become one of our best clients and has subscribed to a monthly maintenance retainer with Gaber Marketing Studios to consult and develop all of their internet marketing as well as their traditional marketing strategies like TV Commercials and print campaigns. We’re very excited.

Responsive Website Design

gnr-responsive (1)Responsive website architecture is still fairly new, but that didn’t stop us! We created a site that would redesign itself as the screen size reduced. This means that the user would always be able to interact with the site easily no matter what device they viewed the site on. Phone, tablet, standard desktop or large desktop the site can change and remain accessible.

We needed to leave an impression. By delivering a site that worked on any device and a very unique horizontal page interaction we and the client felt we achieved our goals. But you don’t have to take our word for it.