Graphic Design from Gaber Marketing Studios | Syracuse, NY

Commercial Art Supply (The Art Store) needed to target students returning or attending college for the fall. When we were brought on they had already secured a contract for a TV commercial to be run during the busiest time for their sales. Gaber Marketing Studios in Syracuse was asked to design and produce the 15 second TV commercials and work along side the TV station to ensure that it be done right. You can see the video production project on our portfolio. Knowing that wouldn’t successfully achieve their expectations alone, we set to create this poster to be distributed in high traffic areas of Monroe Community College and posted within their Rochester location.

Gaber Marketing Studios also designed 3 advertisements to be placed in the Daily Orange, Syracuse University’s campus newspaper to attract the attention of students and their families.

By the time we had finished with the HTML email campaign, the TV commercial and the Newspaper advertisements we had created a new brand concept around the new tagline “What’s Your Next Project?”. Although the campaign hasn’t been running very long, we know that it will take Commercial Art Supply and its brand awareness and brand loyalty to a new level.