TV Commercial Production from Gaber Marketing Studios | Syracuse, NY

It’s crunch time and The Art Store needs to create an advertising campaign to target the college students heading back to school. The commercial was to be launched on August 16, 2014.

The Art Store Back to school campaign, win 400.00 in 4 weeks. After some research we determined that for most college students money is tight, and an opportunity to get some help with that would be a blessing. That’s when Gaber Marketing decided that the best way to get more foot traffic into the door would be a simple sweepstakes campaign. Our campaign materials included print advertising in the Syracuse University newspaper, an email banner campaign through Syracuse University’s Daily Orange email members, an HTML email sent to a pre-existing email list from the store, and a strategically scheduled TV commercial, two 15 second bookends for the next 4 weeks. We we’re very excited to be giving the challenge.

Gaber Marketing Studios in Syracuse, NY developed the creative and script for the new back to school TV commercial. Our goal was to create a visual experience displaying how fast paced and hectic your first week at school can be and that The Art Store can help.